1-Yr. Flashback: Reformation 500th Anniversary 10-31-17 - Kenneth Copeland Says 'Protest...Was A Demon', Unite Back To Catholicism; And 'The Phoenix'

Reposted from one year ago [link] - the 500th anniversary - because it's now the 501st - one year closer to the target ...or 'rebirthing':

Reformation 500-Yr. Anniversary 10-31-17 - Kenneth Copeland Says It's Over...Catholics, Christians To Unite - 'Kairos 2017' Conference

Historically October 31, 1517 is the date ascribed to Martin Luther's nailing of his 95 theses to the door of the Catholic church in Wittenburg Germany - acclaimed the beginning of what later became known as the Protestant Reformation, i.e. the 'protest' against the egregious errors of popery and Catholicism, with the call for 'reformation'. October 31, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary, and to mark this occasion, turns out, the announcing of a major movement to now 'undo' that 'division'. One part of that movement is the purpose of this post: The 'Kairos 2017 Unity" conference in Kansas City October 24-26 - with arch-Laodicean closet-zionist Kenneth Copeland the keynote speaker. Videos below are Copeland promoting the conference - and according to him - the historic 'end of the demonic division' between the Catholic church and biblical Christianity. One world church merging, in other words:
From conference website:

Kairos 2017 - Unity In Christ

source: 'Kairos 2017' website front page
Join as internationally recognized leaders from Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, Messianic and Orthodox traditions gather for dialogue, fellowship, prayer & worship.

Kansas City in 2017 is the year to build bridges with other interdenominational leaders, to accept our differences, celebrate our diversity and help heal the wounds of the past.

Unity & Revival: Come & Experience this Pivotal Event in History where Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Leaders set aside their differences to reconcile 500 years of Forgiveness - page link

This unity is not about doctrines [2Tim. 4:3], but on spiritual unity, recognizing the contributions of each diverse group... Enjoy this powerful lineup of well-known and amazing speakers and social reformers as we all grow and emerge together, including Keynote Speakers Cardinal DiNardo and Kenneth Copeland. - page link


Copeland pre-conference speech - two videos, different segments - declaring reformation over, Catholic-christian 'unity' instead [2nd video same as 1st video at beginning]:

Copeland: Reformation Over

[5:40  Copeland: 'only thing I'd put in there...please don't make me wear that robe')

Copeland says Protestant Reformation was a demon [4:50]

Speaking of demons, listening to/watching Copeland, hard for a certain passage in the Book of Acts to not come to mind. Namely, the account in the 13th chapter of the Book of Acts of the apostle Paul encountering a man known as 'Elymas the sorcerer' - to whom by the Holy Ghost spake he thus and thus:

'Then Saul, (who also is called Paul,) filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him, And said, O full of all subtilty and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord?' [Acts 13:8-10]

[And what was that about the book of Mor mor mormon? [5:25] "...people thought there was just no way...no way...no way...they need to read the fourth chapter of the book of Mor...muuh...uh uh uh of Ephesians..."]
2017 the 500-yr undoing. Note on that - the occult symbolism is very clear and unmistakable. 500 years is said to be the lifespan of the zwo/occult favorite bird the phoenix. At the end of the 500 years the phoenix is said to burst into flames - hence the alternate name 'firebird' - to then rise from the ashes and be 'rebirthed' into a grander more glorious form...the cycle repeating eternally.

Message here is plain. World religions, 'Christendom' in this instance, to now be burst-into-flames and then 'rebirthed' into the One-World-Church: Unity in Anti-christ.

Urgent message: Catholicism [link] and Laodicean apostate Christendom - get out of both [Jeremiah 51:6].

Rev. 18:4
Compare: New "Pope Video" Bergoglio-Francis Calls For World Religions To Unite, Flashes 'Horus' 1-16-17


There It Is: Mail-Bomb Alleged Suspect Name 'Sayoc' Reveals Clear Hoax/Psyop ... Sayoc Is 'Cayos' (Chaos); And 'The Plan'

Pipe bomb suspect: Cesar Sayoc, Jr. in custody for allegedly sending suspicious packages

A Florida man with a troubled past was identified Friday as the suspect who sent more than a dozen pipe bomb packages to prominent critics of President Donald Trump, law enforcement officials said.

DNA evidence played a role in the arrest of 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr.

The dramatic development came on the same day that four new suspicious packages were found, according to law enforcement.

Sayoc = cayos

cayos = chaos = ordo ab chao

[also: Cesar/scare]

Ordo ab chao all day long is all the game all the time.

Name game tells all that needs to be known here. Way too easy this one. Must be convulsing in laughter over it.


Ordo ab chao all day long is the whole game...i.e. 'the plan'. And there is no plan 'b'. That this is exactly the fact of it can be seen in this post/video from about a year ago 10-4-17 hiding in plain sight - Trump the 'chaos' president' by plan:

SNL 9-30-17 Reveals Kabbala-Truth In Trump-Skit: "Chaos..Is All Part Of The Plan" [Day Before Las Vegas]

Saturday Night Live 9-30-17 revealing real-world zio-cabal occult-sorcery truth, slipping it into the opening skit as part of a 'Trump spoof'. Disclaimer: It's a six minute video, unfunny, mocking, and at the end pushing pedophilia. No reason to watch really - except for one little segment from about 2:40 to around 3:10 where the Trump-character, in true hidden Kabala-Kode style, as part of the mockery of the skit, reveals the actual reality of everything happening in the world today. Namely that the unending 'chao' all around the world, and Trump's role in keeping it continual, is "all part of the plan":
Youtube: The Chaos President Cold Open - SNL 9-30-17

2:40 - "Well trust me it may seem like what's coming out of my mouth is b..a..n..a..n..a..n..a..s but it's all part of the plan..."

2:50 -
"The more chaos I cause the less people can focus...they're all getting so tired...so tired..."

3:02 -
"see I'm bending time...so let's keep the chaos coming and shake things up around here..."

777-Trump the "chaos president"? It has been more than obvious from the get-go, but here now stated openly, making a joke out of it though. And how many 'get the joke'? Definitely note also how it is that this was broadcast the night before the massive 'ordo ab chao' production of Las Vegas/Mandalay Bay 10-1-17. All part of the plan? No doubt [link]. Anybody tired of it?

But they're not joking about "the plan". It's real. Looks like this: [see full post]


Note especially the word "everything" in the quote from above image. Originally posted 1-8-15 [quote source documented and quote validated authentic - link].

Everything false? Answer: They only tell the truth when they tell on themselves - kabbalah kode. This 'truth' of everything-false is now absolute reality. Nothing nothing nothing is how/what it is made out to be. Total wash (including now the internet) 2018. Stand back, stand clear, observe do not partake, be not deluded by their grand delusion. Babylon will fall is fallen.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 21:9 'And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen; and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground'


Professing Christian, Has The 'Old Man' In You Been Crucified? ...And You Can't Do It Yourself - J. C. Philpot 1860

The 'old man', Adam, can never be converted into "the 'new man', which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness" [Eph. 4:24]. The old man, Adam, as he is irremediably corrupt and deceitful [Eph. 4:22], must be nailed to the cross. You cannot do it though. Conceivably someone could nail their feet, and one hand, to a cross, but what then? No way to complete the job. No, both the 'creation of the new man' [2Cor. 5:17], and 'crucifixion of the old man' [Gal. 2:20], are wholly the work of the Spirit of God:

On these thoughts, a few excerpts from a sermon preached at the North Street Chapel, Stamford, on August 19, 1860, by J. C. Philpot, another whose biblical teaching continues to stand the test of time:
Crucifixion with Christ

"I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me" Galatians 2:20

Every believer carries in his bosom two distinct natures; as born of Adam, one nature which the Scripture calls the "old man;" and another which, as being born of God [John 1:13], the Scripture terms the "new man". The first is the natural "I," and the second is the spiritual "I;" and it is in the struggle between these two principles, the old man and the new, the fleshly "I" and the spiritual "I," that so much of the conflict in a Christian's bosom consists.

This inward crucifixion of the worldly spirit, of the natural "I," kills the believer to the world [Rom. 6:6-7]. Do you not find this in your own experience? The world without would little attract, influence, or ensnare your mind, unless you had the world within alive to it. As long then as the worldly spirit lives in you unsubdued, unmortified, uncrucified, your religion is but skin deep. A thin coat of profession may film the surface of the heart, hiding the inside from view; but the whole spirit of ungodliness is alive beneath, and as much in union with the world as the magnet with the pole, or the drunkard with his cups. But, on the contrary, if the world within be crucified by the power of Christ's cross, the world without will have little charm. And this will be in exact proportion to the life and strength of your faith and the reality of your crucifixion.

The world is ever the same; one huge mass of sin and ungodliness. That cannot be changed; that can never die. It must be you who are changed; it must be you who die to it.

For it comes to this, that our worldly "I" must either reign and rule; be pampered and petted; fed and nurtured in pride and pleasure; or it must be crucified, mortified, and subdued by the power of God's grace. The apostle therefore speaks of the world being crucified to him and he unto the world [Gal. 6:14]. What attraction would the world, with all its pleasures and profits, have to the eyes of one dying on a cross? Or what charms could he, writhing with pain, groaning in agony, dropping blood from his hands and feet, present to the eyes of the gay and glittering world? The cross killed the world to him; the cross killed him to the world. What was a living world to a dying man? What was a dying man to a living world?

But no man ever spiritually crucified his own flesh. This is God's work, who in so doing spares not for our crying. Perhaps we are hugging close some bosom idol, some secret lust, some rising ambition, some covetous plan, or pleasing prospect. This may be as dear to us almost as our natural life. Can we then drive through it the crucifying nails? Or if we could, would that crucify it? No. God himself must take it with his own hand, and drive through it the nails of crucifixion; yes, and so drive them through this worldly spirit, this covetous heart, this proud, unbending mind, this self-righteous, self-pleasing, self-exalting affection, this deceptive, delusive, soul-destroying, fleshly religion, that it may ever after live a dying life [2Cor. 4:11]. It is he, not you, who thus crucifies it, that its hands can no more move to execute its designs than the hands of a man nailed upon a cross, and its feet no more walk in the plan projected than the feet of a crucified man can come down from the cross and walk abroad in the world. Here is God taking your darling schemes, your favorite projects, your anticipated delights, so that they become to you dying, bleeding, gasping objects.

Have you not again and again experienced this in providence? Have not all your airy castles been hurled down, your prospects in life blighted, your hopes laid low, your projects disappointed, in a word, all your schemes and plans to get on in life so nailed to the cross that they could move neither hands nor feet, but kept dying away by a slow, painful, and lingering death? But did you approve of all this? Very far from it; but you were in God's hands, and could not fight against his cutting strokes. Thus, then, you have a proof in yourself that your worldly schemes and projects were taken by the hand of God, contrary to your wish, for you loved them too dearly to part with them, but were as if torn from your bosom by God's relentless hand, and nailed to the cross, not by you but by him......" J.C. Philpot 1802-1869

full sermon here:
see also: Have You Been Born Twice? (Spurgeon)
Philippians 2:13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.


10-17-18 Canada Makes Dope Legal Nationwide Starting Today - Dopey Sheeple For Easy Control The Global Agenda

Reposted from 6-20-18 as Canada today October 17, 2018 launches nationwide the global agenda of stupefying the goy-sheeple-dumb for easy enslavement. Mark the date, you were there. Dumb and numb on dope - dopey - that's how they want 'em. All the world is the plan - the New-Babylon plan - entire world fully paganized - and it is now official - it is already here:

[6-20-18] Canada Follows Uruguay - 2nd Country To Legalize Marijuana Nationwide; Drug And Enslave The True Agenda

Canada just became the 2nd country in the world to legalize marijuana

[excerpted] Canada just became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana nationwide.

Legal sales are set to begin October 17.

The bill passed Canada's Senate 52-29 on Tuesday evening.

Marijuana stocks surged on the news on Wednesday morning.

Canada is the second country in the world to legalize marijuana, paving the way for recreational sales throughout the country.

Bill C-45, known as the Cannabis Act, legalizes marijuana but leaves it up to each province to decide how to sell it. Some provinces, like Ontario, are planning on provincially run outlets, while others, like Alberta, will open up marijuana retail to the private sector.

The federal government set a minimum age of 18 to purchase marijuana, though some provinces have indicated they will raise the age to 19, mirroring liquor-purchase laws.

Uruguay was the first entire country in the world to be sacrificed on the altar of the mind/consciousness-altering drug agenda  - of course on a Kabbalah tri-7 day [link] - less than a year ago:

7-27-17  Drugging The World: Uruguay Makes 'History' - 1st Entire Country To Fully Legalize Marijuana - aka Witchcraft  "...what could possibly be the real reason for the sudden push to 'get America [the whole world] stoned'? The answer to that question is painfully obvious. Smoking marijuana makes people "dumb and numb" - which is why they call it 'dope' - which is exactly how the NWO-ites want their "useless eater" slaves during these late (final) stages of transition from old order to new order - dopey - they are so much easier to control that way...Creating a population of drugged-out mindless zombies for easy control. Be aware - the plan is underway. -- A historic moment. No doubt. First country to make possible mass-scale drugging of their entire population. Getting the human population of the earth doped-up on mind altering and consciousness altering drugs. That is historic all right. And, July 2017, it has gone to the next level. Note first entire country Uruguay begins actual marijuana-drug sales to the public 7-27-17. Another triple-7 day. Not surprising. Numerology is witchcraft, so is the using of mind and consciousness altering drugs. -- "All the world" will wonder (uh...duh...take another hit man) after the beast - Rev. 13:3; and then worship him - Rev. 13:4. That too is history, and that history has been pre-written. Witchcrafting "all the world" now in preparation. -- Note: in the Word of God, the Holy Bible, the Greek NT word for witchcraft is "pharmakeia" [far-mak-i'-ah], and the English definition of that Greek word is: "medication ("pharmacy"), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):--sorcery, witchcraft" [Gal. 5:19-21]. The meaning is unavoidable: Drug use - pharmakeia - is witchcraft and sorcery..."  [see post]

And let us not forget CNN this past new year's eve 2018 on a live broadcast ringing in the new year...or perhaps the 'new era'...with a bewitching dope-smoking exhibition - obviously intended to alter the consciousness of the watching world:

1-2-18  CNN Dope-Smokes In The New Year (2018) On National TV For All The World To See - 'Numb' The Sheeple Agenda  "Pushing dope on national TV broadcasts - CNN taking the 'get-em-stoned' agenda to the masses now. Straight out of the Twilight Zone here in 2018 folks - it's another world now. Pagan Babylon is where you now live..." [see post, video]

Legal 'dope' everywhere earth-wide now on the fast track. Magic mushrooms (so called - rightly so [link]), cocaine, heroin, etc. [link] all coming in behind on the same track.

Drug 'em and enslave 'em. Plain to see as can be. Be neither. The hour is later and later.

Babylon is a witchcraft world.*
 Rev. 18:4
*Revelation 17:2 '...With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication'



Tsunami Bombs: Rescue Heroes Cartoon (1999) 'Tsunami Bomb' Episode Shows How It's Done [Video]; Project Seal

Video original post: Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12 "Strange how tsunamis are becoming, and in fact have already become more commonplace than ever before in recorded history. -- Well, oddly enough, a popular children's cartoon show from 1999/2000...just so happens to demonstrate the 'geoengineering' of a tsunami... And even more interesting is that the way it is shown precisely matches what was revealed in a thirteen year old article published in the New Zealand Herald [dated 9-25-99], reporting on the New Zealand government's declassifying of files detailing secret testing of explosive-generated tsunamis, i.e. 'tsunami bombs', in the 1940's. This tsunami-making program was called "Project Seal" -- A former colleague of Professor Leech, Neil Kirton, told the Weekend Herald that the experiments involved laying a pattern of explosives underwater to create a tsunami..." [see post]

Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/W33dMPnDcMwu/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>



Sulawesi Tsunami Did Not Make Sense [On-Land EQ] - MSM Says Same Thing May Happen To Los Angeles Beach Towns 10-4-18 "the Sulawesi tsunami was reported as being generated by an on-land earthquake. In other words this just allowed another extremely anomalous 'new-normal' disaster scenario to be created..."  ['on-land' eq's do not displace ocean water]

9-28-18 Sulawesi Tsunami? - Man Made Tsunamis And So-Called 'Storm Surges' - How They Do It [Videos] 9-30-18 "A tsunami results only when a large volume of water is displaced at once. Something has to happen for large chunks of ocean to be displaced in a moment i.e. instantly moved out of the ocean to onshore far inland. Properly placed explosives can be very effective in displacing large volumes of water at once..."

Was It A Tsunami Bomb[s]? April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Was "Unexplainable" For 60 Yrs. 4-1-14 "The earthquake was too small to spawn the huge local wave, many scientists agree, and they have struggled for decades to figure out what happened...' -- "Turns out that Okal did publish a new research paper the following year [2005], which he termed a "reassessment" of the seismological data [see full post], intended to 'scientifically explain' the highly anomalous too small of an earthquake for a giant tsunami event...Apparently, doing this just required a rewriting of all the original data...'"


"Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Coastal Place.
It does not require an action. It's Power is 20 against a Huge Place, 24
against any other Place. If the attack succeeds, the target is Devastated.
If the die roll succeeds by more than 10, the target is destroyed!"

Tsunamis on demand. They are called tsunami bombs. Agenda 21 does not like 'humans' inhabiting coastal regions. So-called storm surges can be 'on demand' with the same method too. Anyway Rescue Heroes cartoon in 1999 showed very clearly exactly how it is done.

Is there any faster way to clear a coastline to Agenda 21 specs? Definitely take note.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 59:19 'So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him'

The "Days Of Lot" Are Here And The Lord Jesus Christ Warns All: "Remember Lot's Wife" - Luke 17:32

'But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all...But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt' [Luke 17:29-30; Gen. 19:26]
Remember Lot's Wife by WILLIAM BRIDGE, M.A. (1600?-1674)

"If this story of Lot's wife be true, and do live in our memory, then here we may learn by way of instruction, and see how far a man or woman may go in religion, and yet come short at the last. Lot's wife went far, she was a professor of the first and the highest form, she had lived a long while in Abraham's family, she had walked with her husband Lot, and enjoyed his prayers many years; she stood out against the wickedness of Sodom while she was there; she was in some measure obedient unto the voice of the angel in going out of Sodom; and, as some observe, she was a professor of seventy years growth, and yet she miscarried. How far may men and women go in religion, and yet miscarry at the last?"

An excellent, timeless message from days long past. Well worth taking the time to carefully read and meditate upon this powerful exhortation.

read full: Lot's wife


Sulawesi Tsunami Did Not Make Sense [On-Land EQ] - MSM Says Same Thing May Happen To Los Angeles Beach Towns

Follow up on: 9-28-18 Sulawesi Tsunami? - Man Made Tsunamis And So-Called 'Storm Surges' - How They Do It [Videos] 9-30-18  "A tsunami results only when a large volume of water is displaced at once. Something has to happen for large chunks of ocean to be displaced in a moment i.e. instantly moved out of the ocean to onshore far inland ... 'Strange how tsunamis are becoming, and in fact have already become more commonplace than ever before in recorded history. Might even be a cause to wonder if tsunamis and/or 'storm surges' can be 'geoengineered'? ..."  [see post]
"the Sulawesi tsunami was reported as being generated by an on-land earthquake. In other words this just allowed another extremely anomalous 'new-normal' disaster scenario to be created..."

Indonesia's tsunami warning system failed. California's could too

[LA Times - excerpted] If a big quake strikes too close to shore, it won’t be detected by those deep-sea sensors, and the wave can arrive before major evacuations occur. That’s what happened on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi...

In Southern California, an earthquake could trigger an underwater avalanche in the Santa Monica Bay, producing a tsunami that could inundate low-lying areas of Santa Monica and the South Bay towns of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, said Costas Synolakis...

“This is exactly the scenario we are afraid of in Southern California,” Synolakis said, “where we are going to get an on-land earthquake … and the biggest shaking triggers a submarine landslide...”

In Los Angeles County, a locally generated tsunami could bring water as high as 11 feet in Redondo Beach, 8 feet at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, 7 feet in Manhattan Beach and 5 feet in Marina del Rey.

Friday’s tsunami was seen as unusual. The largest tsunamis in the world are generated from what’s known as subduction zones, in which one tectonic plate slides underneath another. Earthquakes on subduction zones can generate vertical motion that propel tsunamis to land.

But this tsunami was generated after a quake began on land on a strike-slip fault — the same kind of fault like the San Andreas, where one block of land slides past the other horizontally. This produces horizontal movement not typically associated with large tsunamis, yet is still possible, as Friday’s disaster showed.

There are other possible explanations for why a tsunami hit Palu so hard. One is that the bay starting moving back and forth, like someone shaking a mug filled with coffee, leaving the liquid to slosh onto land, Synolakis said.

Another possibility is that the fault movement caused just one side of the bay to move, pushing water toward the other side, Synolakis said.

re: "...the Indonesian island of Sulawesi...tsunami was generated after a quake began on land'

Fires that do not make sense, flooding that does not make sense, hurricanes that do not make sense, dams breaking that do not make sense, volcanic eruptions that do not make sense, for some examples, in each case because what John Q. Public is told is supposed to have happened simply defies laws of physics, not to mention plain logic. Nothing adds up in other words. And the most important thing to note about this is that after the first or second occurrence of any of these anomalous so-called 'natural disasters' the extreme anomalies are no longer even mentioned but rather made out to be completely normal. Think, for example, the new fictional thing called a "firenado". No such thing existed until a few months back, suddenly now it's 'a thing' - and just like that it's the official 'explanation' for the unexplainable, in this instance the unexplainable so-called 'smart fires' that have been burning down whole communities in Agenda21 target zones across the planet.

Here is what makes the 9-28-18 Sulawesi tsunami something to take special note of. It was highly anomalous...according to what was reported by official sources.


Love Of The World Reveals An Unregenerate Heart - J.C. Philpot [1802-1869]

James 4:4 "Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God"

The first effect of sovereign grace in its divine operation upon the heart of a child of God, is to separate him from the world by infusing into him a new spirit. There is little evidence that grace ever touched our hearts if it did not separate us from this ungodly world. Where there is not this divine work upon a sinner's conscience—where there is no communication of this new heart and this new spirit—no infusion of this holy life, no animating, quickening influence of the Spirit of God [Eph. 2:1] upon the soul—whatever a man's outward profession may be, he will ever be of a worldly spirit.

A set of doctrines, however sound, merely received into the natural understanding—cannot divorce a man from that innate love of the world which is so deeply rooted in his very being. No mighty power has come upon his soul to revolutionize his every thought, cast his soul as if into a new mold—and by stamping upon it the mind and likeness of Christ to change him altogether. This worldly spirit may be checked by circumstances—controlled by natural conscience—or influenced by the example of others—but a worldly spirit will ever peep out from the thickest disguise, and manifest itself, as occasion draws it forth, in every unregenerate man.  J.C. Philpot (1802-1869)
2 Corinthians 13:5 'Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves'
[solid Rock or sinking sand - Luke 6:46-49]

Verily, verily, ye must be regenerate (born again)


9-28-18 Sulawesi Tsunami? - Man Made Tsunamis And So-Called 'Storm Surges' - How They Do It  [Videos]

[repost 9-30-18]  Two Views Man Made Tsunami: a tsunami cannot be created by wind. Not even hurricane force wind. Wind blows across the surface only. A tsunami results only when a large volume of water is displaced at once. Something has to happen for large chunks of ocean to be displaced in a moment i.e. instantly moved out of the ocean to onshore far inland. Properly placed explosives can be very effective in displacing large volumes of water at once:

Man-made tsunamis. Hit the button, displace volumes of water. Could it be that simple? Answer: It is just that simple. Question: How big of a tsunami can be made though? Answer: How big do you want it? If a certain wave size were obtainable with just one charge, what could be obtained with multiple charges, and with much larger charges. What about ten charges strategically placed? For the sake of argument, what could be accomplished with a hundred charges - of any given size - strategically placed, all perfectly timed, perhaps laid out in a grid spread over miles even? Answer: A lot of water could be displaced at once. Note that explosives would also create their own 'earthquake' at the moment of wave generation. The perfect explanation built-in - an earthquake did it.

The science really is this basic. So simple in fact that it can be readily demon-strated in a cartoon for children...and in fact was [see images below] ...which even went so far as to provide a little 'how-to' ...namely the importance of right (multiple) locations and timing. Because they always tell
[quote from Rescue Hero cartoon, from link below]:

"...given the right locations, we'll need several...with the proper timing we can create our own [tsunami] tidal wave"

From: Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12  "Strange how tsunamis are becoming, and in fact have already become more commonplace than ever before in recorded history. Might even be a cause to wonder if tsunamis and/or 'storm surges' can be 'geoengineered'? -- Well, oddly enough, a popular children's cartoon show from 1999/2000 that is currently being re-aired just so happens to demonstrate the 'geoengineering' of a tsunami. And even more interesting is that the way it is shown precisely matches what was revealed in a thirteen year old article published in the New Zealand Herald [dated 9-25-99], reporting on the New Zealand government's declassifying of files detailing secret testing of explosive-generated tsunamis, i.e. 'tsunami bombs', in the 1940's. This tsunami-making program was called "Project Seal" -- A former colleague of Professor Leech, Neil Kirton, told the Weekend Herald that the experiments involved laying a pattern of explosives underwater to create a tsunami... -- the Royal New Zealand Air Force, The U.S. Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy between the 6th June, 1944, and the 8th January 1945... Some 3,700 experiments were carried out - The investigations lead to the conclusion that offensive inundation is possible under favourable circumstances. Given low lying forshores and a shelving bottom off-shore, wave amplitudes of the order of those for recorded tidal waves, which have been disastrous, can be obtained..." [see full post]

[15:30] According to my calculations this tidal wave will reach an oil derrick that is home to 14 workers...that's the good news...the bad news is that it will continue until it wipes out the coast of Chile    [15:45] You want to set off an explosion, don't you?    [15:47] You tell me...is it feasible?    [15:50] Well, given the right locations, we'll need several...with the proper timing we can create our own tidal wave to counteract the real one

[16:47]  What's the plan    [16:48]  Wendy's diving down to set some explosives    [18:15]  one down, two to go


Same Day US-Canada-Mexico Deal Done [USMCA] - NFL Packers Ditch American Flag For New 'Canamerexico' Flag

[updated 10-2-18]  U.S. reaches trade deal with Canada and Mexico, providing Trump a crucial win

Trade ministers from the U.S., Mexico and Canada have reached a deal to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trump administration announced late Sunday night [9-30-18*].

The new pact, which is being called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement [USMCA]

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in late August that officials are planning to sign with their Canadian and Mexican counterparts by the end of November — a date that would also satisfy Mexico, which is eager to have current President Enrique Peña Nieto sign the deal before his successor takes over Dec. 1.

A formal vote in Congress won’t be held until 2019, and it is still an open question whether lawmakers — including members of the president's own party who have often clashed with him on trade — will fall in line to support the deal.

The new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement is acronymed USMCA. Could that end up becoming the actual name for what in the past has been loosely refereed to as the NAU - North American Union. The agreement was made Sunday 9-30-18. Very little in the way of details have been released and the finalization is a ways off, so not much is really known at this point.

*What is known though is that on the same day [Sunday 9-30-18] that the agreement for this global-merger of the North American continent was formally concluded...the NFL (Green Bay Packers) decided to roll out some sort of new flag that was red white and blue...but was definitely not American... So what was it supposed to be then? Well what else it could be, although no explanation was given, same day as the "USMCA", had to be a "USMCA" flag - in plain sight for all the world to see:

Red-Mexico White-Canada Blue/stars-US: USMCA aka Canamerexico flag revealed without explanation

Pretty clear now what all the NFL-kneeling has been about all along - kill-off the old flag, make way for the new.

One-world government i.e. the would-be Antichrist Zio-kingdom-kome [link] they're showing it here though not saying it outright.

Message is as plain as can be. Definitely take note.


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As The Statues Are Ripped Down - NAFTA Renegotiation Begins [8-16-17]: It's All About 'Canamerexico' 8-18-17

"Tearing down statues across the land. Readily apparent that there is nothing happenstance about what is being done. It is clearly being done with a coordinated effort... It is not the destruction of evil confederate monuments that is the true goal, but the destruction of 'Americana' itself. Destroying all visual reminders of the history of the USA, as a means to expedite the dissolution of the USA for assimilation into the new global system ...This 'global order' under construction is not about nation-states. Nation states are to be 'extinguished'. Nation-states ultimately are to be merged into 'regions'. This system is known as regional global-government. The globe sectioned into regions, the nations grouped into those regions, the regions then managed by a single global authority... What the New-NAFTA will eventually look like is not known. "A mere tweaking" it will not be says Trump. Certainly this is true - As Americana is now being effectively dissolved, they have regional-merging of the US, Canada, and Mexico also to accomplish. That is the next step. Be aware of the 'big picture'...'  [see post]

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Rev. 18:4
Dan. 7:23-24 'The fourth beast shall...shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces [and then] ten kings...shall arise'

1-Yr Flashback: 10-1-17 Biggest 'Mass-Shooting' Hoax In US History Mandalay Bay

Excerpted from original post on the 10-1-17 staged event held on the world's biggest stage - Las Vegas. Symbology, fakery, hoaxing, sorcery - how everything is done in kabbalah-land aka planet earth [Eph. 6:12] - proved conclusively by 'Mandalay Bay':

[10-1-17] Mandalay Bay Las Vegas: Staged Event On The Biggest Stage Yet - Images, Numerology Tell The Tale

Las Vegas Mandalay Bay 10-1-17. Staged or real? Is it even a question at this point. For that reason this time it seemed sufficient to just let some of the images and numerology of this Vegas-event tell their own story. With that, this post is a collection of images clipped from random videos, with just a few brief comments as needed. As this incident is going down in the history books as the worst 'mass shooting' in the history of USA gathering a few photos to document it seemed worthwhile. For instance this first image ala MSNBC. It speaks volumes. And needs no explanation. And in fact summarizes the entire event perfectly - signed with the '33':


And then the performer on stage at go-time...Jason Aldean. And the 'Illuminati Card' for Las Vegas. What possible connection could there be between these two things? Note the Jack and Ace of spades on the Vegas Card. Image on the right is the tattoo on performer Jason Aldean's left arm [2nd photo proof]. Same Jack and Ace of spades - presumably 'JA' for Jason Aldean. Images are screenshots from here: [site no longer exists]. Note author's comment though. Jack and Ace signify a '10' and a '1'. October 1st - the day.  Las Vegas 10/1 Jack Ace Jason Aldean on stage - it's an over-the-top match:

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Rev. 18:4
1John 2:18 'Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time'