Microsoft Readying New 'Research' App Called 'Sourcerer' - To "Help Students"...(And Use Sorcery On Them?)

"Sourcerer"? Not even the slightest bit subtle is it:
Microsoft wants "20-50 curious minds" to help test its new Sourcerer research app on Android

Microsoft is looking for students and researchers to help test a new app called 'Sourcerer', created under the Office Insider Program as part of the company's experimental Garage development projects.

Sourcerer is designed to "make the research process easier for students", and Microsoft says that its ultimate aim is to help students save time, by establishing a "quick and intuitive" flow for research.

The Office Insider team is looking for "20-50 curious minds" to help test the app in its earliest stages of development. They want to hear specifically from students (including undergrads, graduates, and PhD candidates) as well as full-time researchers who will be actively working through August and September on an academic research project "on any topic, from any department".

screenshot source - link

Well well look at what they are up to now. Microsoft is looking for "curious minds" to test out it's shiny brand-new little research app to - sounds very 'personal assistant' Cortana-ish actually - "make the research process easier for students". Isn't that interesting. "Helping" students with their research. And what should one suppose might happen if all students everywhere, including "undergrads, graduates, and PhD candidates - and full-time researchers", suddenly started using the exact same "source" to do their research, or, more accurately, have their research done for them...by Microsoft's nifty new 'sorcery' app?

Exactly. Talk about controlling the narrative, rewriting history, etc.. The history of the world and everything that we decide you need to believe about it, by the ZNWO. No question about it, a plan like that is downright sorcery.

[Side note: Just last month MS rolled out an update for Word that included a couple of new features called "Researcher" and "Editor". Talk about controlling the narrative, here is a description of the two products: "[Editor] Rather than correcting just spelling mistakes and typos, the service will go one step further. It will help reduce redundancies, improve clarity and, most importantly, tell you why the changes are needed. Microsoft has emphasized that as time goes on Editor’s capabilities will only expand. Initially, it will only give basic suggestions, but come fall, they will implement the more advanced features...The other update adds a service called “Researcher.” The tool provides relevant suggestions for sources when writing a paper, ensuring they are credible and reliable." link]

The Kabalist would-be overlords of humanity are by definition sorcerers. Sourcing from sorcerers? - Nothing good can come from that. Students do your own research...in the KJV - 2Tim. 2:15.
Compare: Windows 10 "The Service" 1st-Anniversary Update 8-2-16: Cortana Gets Tentacles, No Off Switch -- Spirit Guides For All "As a service control over the computer has been removed from the owner. Rather than the user controlling the computer, the computer is to now control the user. Without question this is the Windows 10 game plan...Talking, touching, being 'Cortana-assisted' - the whole thing sounds very much like a "spirit-guide" experience actually. That of course is not a good thing..." [see post]

Rev. 18:4
Rev. 18:2,23 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived '

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