Orwell-Microsoft Announces Censorship Plan, Launches Site To Report "Hate Speech"; And Windows 10 Data?

Microsoft Tackles Online Hate Speech With New Tools And Resources

Microsoft is taking further steps toward combating online hate speech by rolling out resources to counter sexist, racist or otherwise abusive content on its services...Microsoft has now introduced a new web form [screenshot below] on Aug. 26, offering tools and resources for people to report content instigating violence or promoting hatred based on race, gender, sexual identity or other factors....Beyond these tools that facilitate reporting, Microsoft is also working with governments, other technology companies, safety advocates and the online community to counter online content that may be hateful or offensive.
Screen shot from new MS 'hate-speech' webpage [titled]: Report Hate Speech Content Posted to a Microsoft Hosted Consumer Service:

Screenshot from 'report' page - this is the actual form portion to be filled out; click to enlarge
Below are some excerpts from the official MS announcement [link] describing this new 'resource' for the reporting of "hate speech" on what actually is quite a wide range of topics. Plain and simple, the only truthful description for this is censorship:

"Microsoft is committed to creating safe online communities where our customers can learn, play, grow and interact without the threat of violence or hatred...While neither our principles nor our policies are changing, we are refining some of our processes to make it easier for customers to report hate speech.

...beyond streamlining the means for reporting, we're working with the broader internet community to combat offensive content online. We work with governments, online safety advocates and other technology companies to ensure there is no place on our hosted consumer services for conduct that incites violence and hate.

Some of the categorizes on which it will be focusing below.

National or ethnic origin
Sexual orientation/gender identity

If you see speech that should be removed, you can alert Microsoft here [link above screenshot] ...Microsoft doesn't have to remove it. Ultimately, it will be at the Windows-maker's discretion...While some will call this an attack on the first amendment, it actually isn't. Since this only applies to Microsoft's own hosted services -- which it owns -- it can do what it likes. You are free to create your own website and be as hateful as you want."

Big Brother approved speech only on Microsoft. It should be noted that MS is also providing a new web-source for those who have had content removed so that they may contest 'Microsoft's decision' - if they feel like tangling with Big Brother on any of the forbidden-topics that is.

What does it mean when having an opinion becomes "hate speech"? It means it looks like that is just about where things are now August 2016.

One other thing - for Windows 10 users: Seeing as how W10 is tracking/collecting virtually everything that happens on your Big Brother home-portal aka computer and sending it back to MS...should it not be supposed that all that data eventually gets sent through some forbidden-topics screening too? Cortana may already be talking...[link]

Be aware - Microsoft-Orwell is setting a huge precedent here.
 Rev. 18:4
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Psalms 83:1 'Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God'

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