Obama "Signing Statement" Defies Congress On 'Czar' Elimination

Update on: Zionist Hostile Takeover Of America - It's On: Oba-czars Refuse To be Questioned 10-23-09 "The White House is not going to allow the president’s newly created “czars” to testify before Congress... “ Collins called the Senate’s inability to oversee positions that might make substantive policy changes “an affront” to the Founding Fathers..."They drafted a Constitution, the framework for our representative democracy,”...a system of government with three separate branches -- a government whose leaders were to be accountable to the people through a carefully constructed system of checks and balances.” ...The responsibility of Congress to oversee the executive branch is fundamental to our constitutional system.”"
Obama Takes On Congress Over Policy Czar Positions

WASHINGTON — President Obama issued a signing statement on Friday night saying that he would not abide by a provision in the new budget that would prevent him from appointing White House “czars” to oversee major policy initiatives.

In a statement accompanying his signing of the short-term budget agreement that passed Congress just in time to avert a government shutdown, Mr. Obama objected to the provision that would eliminate money for four czars handling health care, climate change, the auto industry and urban affairs. Conservative Republicans have long criticized Mr. Obama’s use of White House czars to oversee broad swaths of federal policy, arguing that they have enormous power yet are not accountable to Congress.

In his signing statement, Mr. Obama took issue with an obscure provision in the budget agreement, which keeps the government running through September. Mr. Obama said that the effort to cut financing from the positions conflicts with "the president’s “well-established authority to supervise and oversee the executive branch”".

The statement argued that the Congressional effort violates the separation of powers “by undermining the president’s ability to exercise his constitutional responsibilities.”

re: "supervise and oversee the executive branch"

The absolute dictatorial power grab by the "executive branch" of the United States government is now becoming more open and more defiant than ever.

With an amazingly arrogant twist of logic, the White House-ers have "issued a signing statement" blatantly undermining the U.S. Constitutional system of checks and balances by claiming "the well-established [constitutional?] authority" to do so. Presumably that would be that well-established authority to utterly ignore Congress if they so choose and in essence "supervise and oversee" themselves, accountable to none.

Untwisting the twisted logic of the constitutional double-speak used by the White House-ers leads to only one conclusion - that the replacement of the "three separate branches" with a dictatorial power is out of the closet...and proud.

The hostile takeover of America just went to an even more 'b-czar' level. Be aware.

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Jer 9:3 'And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith the LORD'

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