At Global Conference Microsoft Says Unvaccinated People, Unprotected Computers Are The Same: "A Threat To Society"

Microsoft proposes public health approach to Internet infections

Scott Charney, corporate vice president of trustworthy computing at Microsoft, unveiled the software giant's Collective Defense proposal on Tuesday during his keynote at the Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE) conference in Berlin.

Charney urged government and tech industry officials to act collectively to protect citizens and critical infrastructure from growing cyberthreats. He compared unprotected and infected computers to unvaccinated and contagious individuals. Both, he said, can pose a threat to society.
The model would require each PC to, in effect, present a "health certificate" that outlines its security posture before it could connect to the Internet. Enforcement would come from the Internet service provider or some other authority
What's needed is some sort of mechanism for ISPs and other authorities to ask computers for such a health certificate.
And the PCs would have to have installed software that can check for infections and active protection levels, but also be trusted by the ISP not to produce forged or altered certificates. Forged certificates were used in the Stuxnet worm attack designed to take over utility and factory control systems in Iran, India and elsewhere.
re: "unprotected infected computers...unvaccinated contagious individuals"

Here has to be some of the most utterly outrageous Big Brother speak ever openly stated by the modern-day Tower of Babel builders. Microsoft, by comparing "unprotected computers" to "unvaccinated individuals" and then declaring them both as "a threat to society" during the keynote speech to introduce the "Collective Defense Proposal" at their global 'security' conference, has revealed just how completely hideous the mindset of the globalist truly is. These statements make very clear the intent to take control of every private computer on the planet, and as well reveal a very clear determination to inject every person on the planet with their mystery concoctions they call 'vaccines'.

What can can also be clearly seen here is how another hoax has been used to further these globalist's wicked schemes with the very recent so-called "Stuxnet worm attack" given as a justification to press their demonically-deluded dream of ruling the earth.
Considering the who and where, i.e Microsoft on the global stage, the only possible conclusion to draw is that relatively little time is left before they make their move.
Evil - with a capital 'E'.
Rev. 18:4
ISAIAH 1:4 'Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD...'

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