CA Power Shut Down For 'Fire-Hazard' Is Next Phase Agenda 21: DEW Burn It Down - Force 'Em Out;  Flamethrowers - Vid

Shutting down the power for an unknown amount of time to massive areas of Northern and Central CA - official explanation "potential severe wind event" which, say they, could cause the power lines to 'magically' burn down the towns:

Utility Giant PG&E Voluntarily Shuts Off Power, Could Impact 800,000 Californians 10-9-19 "Pacific Gas & Electric began cutting off power to nearly 800,000 customers across large swaths of Northern and Central California on Wednesday morning, in a planned outage that it says is necessary to avoid the risk of fire. PG&E gave residents in 34 counties advance warnings about the power cut, which it says would "proactively" reduce the dangerous effects of a potential "widespread, severe wind event" forecast for Wednesday. The utility giant's transmission lines have been linked to wildfires that have devastated communities in California..."

Power lines on windy days burning down towns? Anybody actually believe that? What could be more absurd - or more transparent as to what is really being done: Burning out Agenda 21 zones, what else. Now taking the agenda to the next level apparently - i.e. begin the plan to rezone target areas as too much of a fire hazard for residential living - it looks very much like. This was the topic of the below post dated 6-10-19, when PG&E shut down the power for the first time - along with a pledge essentially saying that it would become a normative practice. Nothing new need be added to what is already stated [see: 'read full' below vid]. The whole thing is plain to see. For the record - anyone still not quite comprehending that the Agenda 21 plan is absolutely real and that it is absolutely being implemented everywhere globally, in unrelenting fashion, by numerous methods, all of which are nefarious - well, it's time to grasp the fact that ...yes ...it really is happening. Here now - maybe even my town maybe even my street maybe even my house if not this time then maybe next time. 2019 you are there:

[6-10-19]  Agenda 21 Burn Down Your Town And Flamethrowers [DEW] - 2019 Here Goes Again

Fast-moving wildfire forces hundreds to evacuate California Six Flags

In a controversial move, utility company PG&E cut power to more than 20,000 in Northern California as a precaution. The company is under increasing pressure after an investigation found its power lines caused last year's Camp Fire.

"We certainly understand that it's inconvenient for customers to be without power," said PG&E spokesperson Paul Moreno. "We also want to keep these communities safe. So when these extreme fire conditions call for it, we're doing a public safety power shutoff."



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re: [impossible to explain fires] "...an investigation found...power lines caused"

Impossible fires burning down entire towns/communities around the globe. Of course an explanation must be given. The official explanation for CA's devastating so-called 'Camp Fire' last year, referenced in the above article, is "arcing" of electrical power lines - i.e. sparks jumping between lines or conductors - and then windy conditions spreading the sparks, causing the fires.

Anybody buying that? Never has happened before. Regardless, for the sake of argument, say that is true. A fire starting is one thing. A fire that burns with impossible precision, a 'smart fire', as they have been aptly described, that burns selectively, impossibly - as all at this point have seen and fully know to be the case - this can never be explained by natural causes. Never-ever-never. That is an inescapable fact.

And as seen in the above article, in some of these specific fire locations, Agenda 21 target areas the only possible real explanation - now as follow up - to back-up the official excuse apparently, and apparently as well to make things unlivable in these areas for remaining residents, these residents are and will be subjected to having their power shut off on 'windy days' for "public safety". Wind up power down people maybe you should move...

It is pathetically, blatantly, hidden in plain sight. Do not consent to believing the fakery. Not ever.

And now June 2019 - the 'Agenda 21 fires' - Ca-li-for-nia here they come...right back where they ...left off.

America by 2050 according to this 2008 map (click map for full size) to be divided-down into eleven 'mega-
regions' (colored zones). Note title America 2050. 50 states? Individual states no longer exist. Unknown if this
map is final but this is the Agenda 21 plan. Now, to make it happen, just need the fires, floods, etc. [see: 2050]

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 7:11 'Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD'


snoop4truth said...

The United States REJECTED Agenda 21 Almost 30 Years Ago.

Conspiracy promoter, Deborah Tavares of Sebastopol, California falsely claims that Agenda 21 is a U.N scheme which will drive us out of our rural and suburban homes and into tightly-packed, over-populated "Kill Cities" in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. But, none of this is so.

Agenda 21 is a non-binding suggestion that the United Nations made to all its member nations in 1992. Under the United States Constitution, both the President and the Senate must agree to a proposed treaty or convention before it becomes law in the United States. While the President symbolically signed Agenda 21, the Senate withheld its consent to Agenda 21.

As a result, the United Sates government rejected Agenda 21 almost 30 years ago. That means Agenda 21 never even applied in the United States. So, whatever Agenda 21 "would have done" in the United States is completely irrelevant. The so-called "Agenda 21 Map" is entirely fake and had nothing to do with Agenda 21 in the first place. Instead, the fake "Agenda 21 Map" was an exaggeration created to artificially generate U.S. opposition to "The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity" (something entirely different from Agenda 21). As it turned out, the United States also rejected The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity. So, neither Agenda 21 nor The U.N. Treaty On Bio-Diversity (which the fake Agenda 21 Map actually illustrated) ever applied in the United States.

Deborah Tavares has always known the truth about Agenda 21 and the Agenda 21 Map. But, the truth about Agenda 21 does not incite the fear, hatred and violence that Deborah Tavares seeks to incite in the American people. So, she concocted the Agenda 21 hoax in order to incite the fear, hatred and violence that she seeks to incite in the American people..

FOR PROOF, CLICK ON POST #5 HERE. REMEMBER, POST #5 HERE. Google "The Hoaxes Of Deborah Tavares", or click here. https://www.waccobb.net/forums/showthread.php?130336-The-hoaxes-of-deborah-tavares-(conspiracy-weaponized-weather-fires-depopulation)&p=226016


For the hoaxes of EDDIE CRAIG, Google "Eddie Craig And The Former Deputy Sheriff Hoax", or click here.

For the hoaxes of CARL MILLER, Google "The Carl Miller Hoax", or click here.

For the hoaxes of ANTHONY WILLIAMS, Google "The Anthony Williams Hoax", or click here.

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For the hoaxes of DEBORAH TAVARES, Google "The Hoaxes OF Deborah Tavares", or click here. https://www.waccobb.net/forums/showthread.php?130336-The-hoaxes-of-deborah-tavares-(conspiracy-weaponized-weather-fires-depopulation)&p=226016

tom m. said...

re: "completely irrevelant"

One of the most ridiculous comments have seen in a long time. Did the USA never formally sign on to Agenda 21 30 years ago? How is it you do not understand political games. The 'globalists' do not ever call it Agenda 21 anymore - but it goes by about a hundred aother names - and the USA is doing it in every city, county, in every state in the US. Every time you hear 'climate change' it is A21. Everytime you hear 'sustainable' anything - it is A21. Sea-level rise, anti-meat, anything 'resilient cities' or similar [for just one instance - see: 3-25-12 White House Council On Strong Cities, Strong Communities" ...all A21. And way more.

All of this is also UN2030 - which is A21 rebranded. All the same (USA doing it all - just not being upfront). The new US-Canada-Mex trade deal - USMCA - about to go full time is structured 100% in 'global-regional management' A21-ism. It all goes together - every bit of it - and this is very easy to see. How is it that you do not see it.

You wrote: "drive us out of our rural and suburban homes and into tightly-packed, over-populated "Kill Cities" in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. But, none of this is so."

"Kill cities"? - you really should know what you are talking about before you try to speak authoritatively on a subject.

Since when does Taveres = Agenda 21 truth (or any of the others you linked). Taveres not recommended for a number of reasons. Agenda 21 (using the name as a catch-phrase) being a fact does not hinge on Taveres.

Relocating populations is being done all over the globe. It definitely "is so". See Australia where half the country was just burned up. Paradise CA one example (of numerous) US. Populations to be moved into 5g smart cites - not for "planned extinction of mankind" (hello) - but for 'nwo totalitarian' control. That's real.

"Sustainable development" is one of the older terms used to describe this - and it's all over the US.

No one knows what the final maps look like. Anyway - wake up snoop and do better snooping.

snoop4truth said...

Hello Tom, As it turns out, I actually do know what I am talking about. I am light years ahead of you.


(NASA War Document, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, The Report From Iron Mountain, Agenda 21, Genocide Agreement, PG&E Email, 5G, Depopulation, Weaponized Weather, Chemtrails, Rothschilds, Rockefeller)

Deborah Tavares supports her claims with documents. But, what the public does not know is that she FORGES some of these documents herself. Other times, she ALTERS and CHANGES the words and images to make them fit her claims. Still other times, she INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENTS what the documents really are or what they really say.

Every document that Deborah Tavares uses to support every one of her claims is explained below. Google "The Hoaxes Of Deborah Tavares" (in quotes), or click here. https://www.waccobb.net/forums/showthread.php?130336-THE-HOAXES-OF-DEBORAH-TAVARES-(CONSPIRACY-WEAPONIZED-WEATHER-FIRES-and-DEPOPULATION)&s=e2bc6057c609cc32fc287b5251098254.

tom m. said...

to "light years ahead" (directly above)

Probably should have read my response to your first comment (re: Taveres) ...but maybe all that light is making you squint so you are not seeing clearly...

quote from referenced response (2nd comment above):

"Since when does Taveres = Agenda 21 truth (or any of the others you linked). Taveres not recommended for a number of reasons. Agenda 21 (using the name as a catch-phrase) being a fact does not hinge on Taveres."

A21 (so-called) - UN2030? real as it gets