Everything Scripted: Simpsons Foretell Notre Dame 2007 - Episode Also Shows Meteorite Strike [Video]

Follow up on: As Above So Below: Notre Dame 'Spire-Fire' Symbolizes End Of 'Traditional Catholicism' - Rebuild To Symbolize New NWO Version 'CathoMormIsLGBT-ism' 4-15-19 "The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, probably the most iconic representation of the Catholic religion in all the world... Suddenly... in as dramatic of a fashion as were possible, down came the blazing spire. What just happened said the watching world. -- The answer to that question is as simple of a one as they come in the world of kabbalistic ordo-ab-chao as-above-so-below symbolic-event-planning. The old order must always be destroyed - burned to the ground - sometimes literally, but always figuratively, as this is the only way the new-order can "rise" from the ashes of the old..."  [see post]
Simpsons strike again. Little in the way of introduction needed with this one, the video is sufficient. There are quite a few Notre Dame/Simpson videos now up on YT, most are lengthy with much 'expert' analysis. The below vid is the most concise. Just the facts ma'am. Which basically is this: Notre Dame (literal translation "our lady" - dedicated to the 'Virgin Mary') spire-on-fire 4-15-19 ...Simpsons foretell it long before the actual event, depicting in 2007 the 'Notre Dame of Springfield' - with no spire. And then a meteorite strike thrown in at the end of the episode (coming attraction apparently):

Simpsons season 19 episode 7 aired 11-18-2007
Titled 'Husbands And Knives'

[related videos at endscreen not endorsed - YT removed ability to turn off]

Notre Dame, spire missing, Simpsons show it 2007:

Simpsons same episode 2007, meteorite hitting a city somewhere. Looks like Empire State Building NYC (other buildings not a match though):
Fake 'meteorite strike' upcoming somewhere - anywhere one of these days? - they have been pre-telling the very thing for more than a few years now; see (follow links):

VW 'Tiguan' Commercial Depicts Meteorite Strike, Evacuation - Fake Meteorite 'Coming Soon'?

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 58:3 'The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies'

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