Kilauea A Controlled Demolition? Explosives? - Agenda 21 'Wildland' Reclamation - Illuminati Card And Volcanoes Worldwide

Geoengineering the Hawaiian volcano? Clearing geographic regions per Agenda 21. What do the Zio-Kabbalah 'occult' numbers say? What does plain reason say...when a situation just continues to mysteriously escalate until total destruction is the result (like the recent CA 'fires') ... The numerology, once again - as always - reveals the whole story: the 'magic-numbers' make it plain as day ... Geoengineering. What can be accomplished with geoengineering? Can explosives be used to create a 'volcanic eruption'. Or create fissures where known underground flows are - thus causing active flows on the surface (and drilling). Not difficult for geoengineering surely. Could that cause a situation where all residents have to vacate the area permanently, never to be built again? Piece of cake would it not be. Forced evacuations clear the area - once that is done - anything could conceivably be done ... Cui bono? Agenda 21 wins hands down. Every time..." [from: Geoengineering? Kilauea Volcano ..."Explosive" Eruptions; 6.9 @ 12:33 And A 322 - A Kabalist Signature 5-9-18]

"...if the attack succeeds the target is devastated
...more than 2, completely destroyed
Devastated by volcanic 'attack'. So says the illuminati volcano card. Very interesting. The exact thing has now been witnessed by the entire world for the last month on the Big Island of Hawaii, and in particularly spectacular fashion on June 4-5, 2018 with the overnight "complete destruction" of two entire subdivisions totaling more than 500 homes. Incredible devastation. Note as seen in the screenshot directly below the anomalous event was triggered by a 4:30 a.m. "explosion". Explosion? Military guarded area no public access of any type middle of the night nothing visible. What of it? What can there be of it - just the facts:

Initial reports were "hundreds" - later reported to be about 500 or more homes destroyed - source
Geoengineering total destruction purposely though? Is it even conceivable that such destruction could be purposely caused? Maybe Geico has something to say on that subject - they seem to think that some "evil villains" might have the know-how do the very thing - just takes the right drill bit say they:

New Geico commercial released April 26, 2018 - one week before the Kilauea 'project' began [5-4-18] - with this blatant hidden-in-plain-sight admission:

:32 "as long as evil villains reveal their plans..."


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Tapping into the geothermal... Why, it's not all that hard folks. Just a simple matter of "choosing the right drill bit" to get started - then let the fireworks begin...

Playing with Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii - and telling on themselves? Kilauea has been steadily pumping lava to the ocean for 35 years - since 1983 - through a (what it seems would have to be an efficient) system of underground tubes. Suppose some evil villains wanted to reclaim some Agenda 21 so-called wildlands and they decided to reroute those underground flows up to the surface so that the lava would block all the access roads to the different subdivisions across the entire region and disable the power plant and make the place completely unlivable (meaning essentially do a controlled demolition) - and then make it so that that endless 35-year going-strong stream of lava stays at the surface permanently so the 'wildland area' could never be rebuilt - could they pull it off with a little basic geoengineering...

Telling on themselves? ..."as long as evil villains reveal their plans"...they exonerate themselves. At least that's how it works according to their Kabbala-Kode. It's a sorcery thing. They live by it - religiously.

The Kilauea project looks to be long term. Perhaps testing out all sorts of new methods. Taking the show on the road from there no doubt. They always tell...

above section/video excerpted from: Kilauea 'Eruption' Foretold In 4-26-18 Geico Commercial 'Evil Villains' Drilling Into Geothermal - Smoking Volcano; A21 5-26-18

Well then, if evil villains really did want to geoengineer a real live volcanic 'eruption' does the scientific capability to do such a thing actually exist? Well apparently scientists do know "a thing or two" (who knows - might even be three or four) about volcanic systems - and especially Kilauea - one of the most monitored and "heavily instrumented" volcanoes in the world - so much so that it seems it is considered to be a perfect "test case":

One of the most "heavily instrumented" in the world? A perfect "test case"? Sounds like the scientists - or perhaps evil villains...if that were the case - would very likely know absolutely every nook and cranny of Kilauea volcano. And what might it be supposed a geoengineer could do with all that valuable information - if say (theoretically of course...for the sake of argument) - the goal was to geoengineer a controlled demolition of an area by triggering and controlling volcanic eruptions. Could they use that information to "influence the geometry" of the geography and "create new pathways" in order to "reroute" existing lava flows:

Influencing the geographic-geometry and creating new pathways for lava to flow - could that be done with explosives? One thing about "evil villains", as seen above, they do always tell on themselves:

explosion, more explosions, explosive, exploded - just a small sample of innumerable explosive reports
- evil villains always "reveal"...by truth 'hidden in plain sight'

Controlled demolition by explosive-geoengineering a volcano. Just exploring the notion. No final conclusion is really possible - just running through the thought process is all. Have to leave it here. Anomalous events though...hard to not wonder. Also...one more thought on the subject - if other volcanoes worldwide suddenly start going off too like Guatemala just did [6-3-18] - that would really be a thing to wonder at too. Watch and see...

On that, below are some random screenshot-snippets from various headlines/articles on Kilauea 2018 - things that might just make a person wonder:

"...if the attack succeeds the target is devastated
...more than 2, completely destroyed

To be continued perhaps...

Rev. 18:4
Rev. 11:17,18 'We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty which art, and wast, and art to come...[for thou shalt]...destroy them which destroy the earth'