Update June 20, 2018: EU Just Passed Totalitarian Internet "Copyright Reform" - 'Final Stage' Next

Follow up on: EU "Copyright Reform" Proposal Will Destroy Internet - Taxing Links, Mandatory Filtering, More - June 20-21 Vote [video]
EU votes for memes ban and censorship machines — what now?

[excerpted] The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs just voted ‘yes’ on highly controversial parts of the EU’s new Copyright Reform. The controversial articles — 11 and 13 — effectively establish link tax, censorship machines, and ban memes.

There was heavy resistance to the contested articles from internet activists, lobbyists, and members of European Parliament (MEPs), but all was for nought and the articles passed with a 13:12 and 15:10 majority.

So is it all over?

The committee’s vote doesn’t automatically make the Copyright reform and its controversial articles law. Instead, it cements the European Parliament’s stance on the issue — which is highly influential — before entering the final stage of the legislation process.

However, there is a way to change that. Plenary is the European Parliament’s tool to bring matters out of committee and put up for a vote in the Parliament itself, i.e. have all 751 MEPs vote instead of only 25. But there needs to be enough support in Parliament for this to happen, so opposers have already started campaigning for a plenary session.

Linking illegal...except for exorbitant fees, mandatory filtering of uploaded content, etc., a virtual shut down on the internet as it now functions basically. According to the above report...the only chance the www has at this point is "the Plenary" where all representatives of the entire EU participate/vote instead of just a 25-member committee as was the case with this so-called Copyright Reform proposal. If...that is...they can get "enough support" for a plenary session...and if...the plenary is not already all insiders anyway...

Shutting down the EU internet as-we-know-it without drastically affecting the entire world-wide-web no doubt is not possible.

Entering the final stage, according to the above report, is where it stands now.

Reality of the overall situation...as net neutrality is now gone too...is that it's not looking good for the internet as a tool to expose the deeds of the global evil-doers for much longer. Plainly they're thinking the time to put an end to that has come. They will tell everybody what's going on...and don't even think about linking to it and saying otherwise.

Want to shop and be cashless and post pictures of what you just had for lunch though - you'll be just fine don't even worry.

Stay tuned..final stage just ahead...

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 37:1-2 'Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb'


Anonymous said...

I share this information with others, including professing christians, and the bottomline is they just don't care. No one wants to hear about any of this. I'm called a "Debbie-downer" who needs to get more focused on Jesus Christ and less on the world. Say what? Or...well that may be your truth, but it's certainly not mine. Or...so who is your source? Never heard of him or her, so I'm not interested. And it goes on and on and on. I'm starting to wonder if this isn't the beginning of the coming "strong delusion that they should believe a lie" we are seeing (2 Thess. 2:10-11).

With all of the wonderful technology we have had at our disposal, I believe it is now starting to turn against us (humanity). And this was always the plan. Everything Satan does is a copy of what our Heavenly Father sovereignly does. Because Satan is a created being and is not all knowing and all seeing, he can only accomplish this pathetically through technology via frequencies. Since he is currently the god of this world and controls the airwaves, I believe given his short time that he is now ready to put the hammer down so to speak. Now that most of humanity is dependant upon and addicted to technology, and have been brainwashed...well, it is making it very difficult for those of us who are "awake" to awaken others to this reality. Soooo...it always seems to go back to the garden when Satan said to Eve, "Did God really say that?"

Anonymous said...

A good read about this, the Freemasons have had enough apparently...http://www.zephaniah.eu/index_htm_files/Severe%20Internet%20Censorship%20is%20Now%20Imminent.pdf