400 Muslim, Jewish, 'Christian' Leaders Sign "Washington Declaration" To Form Antichrist One-World-Zion-Order Purpose Driven Religion

400 Muslim, Christian, Jewish Leaders Sign 'Washington Declaration' for Religious Tolerance

[excerpted] WASHINGTON — Over 400 Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders from all over the world affirmed on Wednesday [2-7-16] a new declaration calling for the global protection of religious minorities and marginalized communities.

2nd article - screenshot source Kuwait News Agency link
The "Washington Declaration" was unveiled after two days of collaboration among hundreds of interfaith leaders who gathered for the three-day "Alliance of Virtue" conference...Along with calling for unity and the promotion of religious freedom, the declaration calls for four courses of action.

- First, it calls for the establishment of an "Alliance of Virtue" to implement the Washington Declaration.

- Second, it calls for the provision of over 1 billion meals to feed impoverished and underserved communities throughout the world.

- Additionally, the declaration calls for a multi-religious body consisting of prominent religious figures to "support mediation and reconciliation."

- Finally, the declaration calls for the creation of an interfaith committee to adopt the recommendations laid out in the declaration that "reflects the fullness of diversity in our communities and across the world."

Following the first official reading of the declaration by William Vendley, secretary general of Religions for Peace International, several faith leaders discussed the importance of the new declaration in a panel discussion.

"This is an incredibly historic gathering that sets the stage for what is truly a new era of cooperation between the families of Abraham and beyond," Rabbi David Rosen, international director of interreligious affairs at the American Jewish Committee, said.

re: 'incredibly historic gathering that sets the stage for...a new era'

Just a few things. First, the title of this post may seem to be 'too much', but it is not. It is actually exactly what is being here declared, i.e. "an incredibly historic gathering that sets the stage for what is truly a new era of cooperation"...etc., by, note, the 'Rabbi'. The global order under construction, as most are keenly aware at this 'stage' of the game, is the long-planned/dreamed for Jewish would-be Zion-world-order [see 'tikkun olam' link in 'Toyota' post linked below]... Zion-world-order. This is no secret [link].

Next note the four courses of action called for: The first is to put in place a definite plan to see 'The Declaration' through to full implementation. The second is "1 billion meals...[for] underserved communities throughout the world". Where have we heard that before? - That's right...that is straight out of the RW 'Purpose Driven' handbook [link]. Religious groups to function as volunteer social service agencies in the Zion new-order communitarian global system - it's their "purpose" in life, according to the Kabal-Gospel of pseudo-kristian Rick Warren. Not called PD here of course, but it is exactly that.

Note third course of action - the establishment of a "multi-religious body" to "reconcile" the global religions, which has to mean essentially facilitate the merge of the global religions, i.e. to wire them together, as it were, at the top, thereby bringing the whole under the control of the newly created global-entity. Then the fourth course, an "interfaith committee to adopt" the new global-religion guidelines - which must mean then promulgating them throughout the rank and file, as it were, of each of the global religions - that the people should accept and adopt this new inter-religion 'global oneness'...and just 'go with it' [Rev. 13:8-9].

And lastly, and most importantly, as stated in the post title, it is thoroughly Antichrist. This was the topic of this recent post:

Toyota 2018 Super Bowl One World Antichrist Religion Commercial - Allah Mary Buddha Hashem "All One Team" 2-5-18 "The Muslim denieth that Jesus is the Christ; the Jew denieth that Jesus is the Christ [the Jew has a Talmudic self-invented god-concept they call 'Hashem'...which is defined according to their own minds - Rom. 10:3  (see: 'tikkun olam')] the Buddhist does not even believe in an actual "God" at all; and the Catholic has no true conception whatsoever that "Jesus is the Christ". The Catholic 'jesus' is a body hanging on a cross on the wall of the church building (or around their neck) while praying "Hail Mary" and "Our Father" and offering other prayers to various 'saints' [Matt. 28:5-6]. The reality of that is that it is in fact no different from every other world religion. They also...have not "the Son" -- The scripture is absolutely clear on this point. Whatever the creed, it matters not: "Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father" [1John 2:22-23] ... all are against "Christ" - they are Antichrist." [see post; video]

There have been many 'religious-unity documents' devised and signed over the years. They seem to come and go. This may be one to watch though for they in their own words are deeming it "incredibly historic"...claiming it "sets the stage for...a new era".

The new era of the biblical Antichrist, live and in person on the earth, no doubt, is what is being referred to. They call it the 'Washington Declaration". Setting the stage, making all things ready. Know about it.
 Rev. 18:4
1John 2:22 'Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son'

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