2-2-18 Dow Drops 666 On 33rd Day Of Year - It's All Fun And Games In Kabala-Land 2018 Obviously

This post related to: Government Shutdown Over - 3 Days Long Ends On The 22nd - Another '322' Ritual In Other Words 1-22-18 "Numerology and manufactured ordo-ab-chao is the only way the Zio-Washington-ites do anything - ever. A first-ever never-happened-before brand-new ordo-ab-chao episode of Chaos to mark 777-Trump's #1 anniversary is as scripted a thing as could ever be...Clear as can be just another staged episode of Kabala-numerology ordo ab chao. Always and only. Once again, take note..."
Dow drops 666 points and posts its worst week since 2016

"The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 2.54 percent — closing down 666 points — Friday and suffered its worst week in two years... The point swing was eye-popping...but in terms of the percent of the loss, the decline did not appear to alarm investors..."

665.75 = 666; on 2-2-18 the 33rd day of the year; any more questions? image source

January is 31 days, two more days comes to February 2 - 666 point drop on the 33rd day of the year. Really be hard to make a thing more obvious then this one. Only way it can viewed truly is that the 'wannabe kings-of-earth' zio-kabal-ites are just toying with everyone here today 2-2-18. No doubt just loving it too.

It's all fun and games. Note quote from posted article stating that the 666-drop "did not appear to alarm investors". Why should it when it's controlled and manipulated to do exactly whatever has already been determined...as made absolutely undeniable, once again, with today's little [2-2-18] numerology demon-stration. A pre-'Super Bowl ritual' [link] ritual perhaps. Whatever - same ol' same ol' at this point. What they do with Monday's 'Dow reaction' too - have to wait and see.

666 on the 33rd . The degree of fake-ness of what is presented to John Q. Public as world-news and/or so-called current events here now 2018...is totality. Do not live in it -

Rev. 18:4
2-6-18 follow up: 2-6-18 Dow Falls 567 Points Then Reverses And Closes 567 Up - Fun And Games Never Stop In Kabala-Land
Psalms 37:12-13 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming'

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