FL 'Shooting': Marjory Stoneman Douglas Famous For Fight To Not ''Drain The Swamp"; Message In 'Shooter' Name; Wacky Kabala Numerology

This post a follow up on: MSNBC Says MSM's Job To Control What People Think; And V-Day Florida 'Shooting' - 'Sheriff Israel' 2-19-18 "What about the latest the so-called 'Valentine's Day Massacre' 2-14-18? Is this one real? Well just ask the Florida Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Wait...what? The Sheriff's name is Scott 'Israel' [link]? Can it even get more ridiculous than this. Sadly probably can and will. Just a thought on that though: Doesn't Israel [Zionists] want to be 'Sheriff of the world' [see: 'View' pushes Noahide Law 10-28-17]?..." [see post]
Florida reported school shooting Valentines Day 2-14-18 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Who was Marjory Stoneman Douglas?

Valentines Day 2018 BoP [Bureau of Propaganda] Production - The Stage
Factoid: Marjory Stoneman Douglas became famous for defending the Florida Everglades - i.e. the swamp - from being drained:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas (April 7, 1890 – May 14, 1998) was an American journalist, author, women's suffrage advocate, and conservationist known for her staunch defense of the Everglades against efforts to drain it and reclaim land for development...By the 1960s, the Everglades were in imminent danger of disappearing forever because of gross mismanagement in the name of progress and real estate and agricultural development...Her tireless efforts earned her several variations of the nickname "Grande Dame of the Everglades..." - wiki

Trump "drain the swamp", and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School 'the swamp will not be drained'? This twisty little bit of game-play proves the entire event pure theatre, scripted through and through, all playing their role. Same as always.

Next, as pointed out by a recent commenter [link], one of the school rooms the event took place in was 1214, connecting the event to Sandy Hook which occurred on 12-14, 2012:

source: cbs.local - Miami
1214 the Florida room number and 12-14 the Sandy Hook date - Is that a solid connection for the two big 'school shootings'? Just so happens to also be a strong kabbala-numerology signature affixed to the interval between these two events 12-14-12 and 2-14-18: 1888 days:

Still more though. Alleged shooting was allegedly the 18th school-shooting of 2018:

Note also: 17 alleged victims in the 18th 'ss' of the year by a 19 yr. old (17-18-19)
By this criteria:

18th of '18, 1888 days between. What are the chances of that being random. Answer: Incalculable. [on '1888' see link below*]
What about the alleged name of alleged-shooter Nikolas de Jesus Cruz

Nikolas with a 'k'. Like Nike the shoe - Greek goddess of conquering, or victory, 'las' refering to the people, giving the meaning the 'people of Nike', i.e. that they are victorious.

de Jesus - Spanish for 'of Jesus'

Cruz of course is the Spanish word for 'cross'.

Intended message seems unmistakable: The people of the goddess 'Nike' are victorious over the 'cross of Jesus'.

The so-called goddess Nike is one and the same as the "great whore" described in the 17th chapter of Book of Revelation - Rev. 17:1-4,5 (the Jewish kabbalah calls it 'shekinah')

The alleged name of the alleged shooter then a declaration of victory over the cross of Christ by the shekinah MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH gang [Rev. 17:5]. Plain as can be.

Or...just random.

All of it proves conclusively random is impossible - and this is just a small sample, found without much effort just skimming the www. No doubt it goes much much deeper, as always, but no reason to even put forth the effort. It's case closed - and the next thing is surely queued up already anyway.

Note: The Nike-gang will in no way ever be victorious over the 'cross of Jesus' [Rev. 11:15].

Rev. 18:4
*1888? compare: They're All In On It: Putin Exactly 777 Months Old On 7-7-17 1st Trump meeting - 1888 Days In Office

also: Sandy Hook Names Tell The Story: Adam Lands, Dawn-Hath-Sprung In New Town [12-14-12]

Rev. 11:15 'And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.'


Anonymous said...


And the Sheriff's office got 18 calls about Cruz's violence.

Anonymous said...

About this 1888 -- Think 1=A, 8=H
A well-known code in the NeoNazi-scene(s) (not only in Germoney/Germanistan):
18 --> AH --> Adolf Hitler
88 --> HH --> Heil Hitler
Coincidences, Coincidences, ... until you see the Pattern....

Anonymous said...


Ishmael DeJesus (hotel video, interviewed, never heard from again)

1.Jesus Campos (country/field)
2.Paddock (enclosed field)
3.Marilou Ocampo Natividad (field/Nativity)
4.Harvest Festival


Anonymous said...

Marjory graduated from Wellesley college, just like Uranium 1 Russian colluder Clinton.

Marjory received a medal of freedom, from the $500,000 for Russian speeches orator, Bill Clinton.

Marjory's house was designated a national land mark, announced by Clinton's russian-dossier promoter, barry saetoro, on earth day, in the everglades.

Marjory was considered a proto-feminist having been sympathetic to women's suffrage, but she rejected that label in an interview and considered herself a "citizen" or "person", when inducted into a "women's" hall of fame.

Anonymous said...

The waSSp has a long history of being the sheriff of the world!!!! evil creature