Pro Sports Gone Gay 1st-Ever: St. Louis Cardinals To Have 'Transgender' Throw 1st Pitch 'Pride Night' 8-25-17

Transgender Woman to Throw Ceremonial First Pitch at Cardinals ‘Pride Night’

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – At the first official “Pride Night” for the St. Louis Cardinals, the ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by transgender entertainer Tassandra Crush, reports multiple LBGTQ media outlets. It is believed to be the first time a transgender individual will throw a first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

Partnering, Scholarship-sponsoring, waving the flag, passing out hats; screenshot SLC website
The game is on Friday, August 25 at Busch Stadium, and special Pride Night themed Cardinals hats will be the team’s promotional giveaway.

Crush is Pride St. Louis’ reigning Queen of Pride.

The "Queen of Pride" the first ever, supposedly ex-male, pseudo-female to throw out a ceremonial first-pitch at a Major League Baseball game in the history of the world. And this they proudly* call "Pride Night". Compliments of the MLB St. Louis Cardinals. Note on 'Queen of Pride': The Holy Bible informs us that that old serpent, called the Devil [Rev. 12:9], aka Leviathan, is "a king over all the children of pride" [Job 41:1,34]. Queen of pride - nothing to be proud of in other words.
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Reporting from Sodom August 2017. Brimstone and fire coming soon [Gen. 19:24-25]. Don't be there. And don't linger. Get to the mountain [Gen. 19:14-17].

Rev. 18:4
*Proud?  -- Philippians 3:19 'Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame...'

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