Barcelona: 'Random Car-Attack' Psyop Continues; Times Square, Charlottesville - Kabala Numerology The Giveaway

Cui bono? The two latest episodes. Barcelona today, Charlottesville less than a week ago:

8-17-17 Attacker drives van into Barcelona crowd; 1 dead, 32 hurt

8-12-17 1 dead, 19 injured in Charlottesville after vehicle plows into protesters


Charlottesville real? Why is the numerology '911' (1 and 19)

Today's episode Barcelona real? Why is the numerology '33' (1 and 32)

[note on Barcelona: the numbers are already changing but it does not change the fact that the 'initial reports' all went out with the 1 and 32. The signal was communicated]

Times Square was three months back. Was it real. Why did the car have a perfect landing right on 'ISIS' (1515) - which was the topic of these two posts on that episode:

Times Square CCTV Footage Real Or CGI? And Name Game - Does 'Elsman' Mean God-Man? Also '88'; Real or staged? 5-20-17 "Are 'random car attacks' going to become commonplace now - similar to the way that "random shootings" became commonplace? With this Times Square event the groundwork has been laid for that very thing..." [see post]

Times Square' Crash Loaded With Hidden-In-Plain-Sight: 'ISIS Theatre' (1515 Broadway) 5-18-17

screenshot source
"How is that the car lands at this exact address, exact location? Note the sign 1515 BROADWAY. 1515 looks very much like 'ISIS' does it not? And the street is "Broadway". Broadway? Well we knew all along that "ISIS" is pure theatre did we not?" [see post]
"Random car-attacks" now commonplace? Wonder how did that happen?

Has the the world gone absolutely crazy...as most anybody might remark now-a-days. Or has it been made absolutely-crazy by design? If one is fake/staged then all are. It is that simple. Just noting it here. The Times Square anomalous supposed car-thru-crowd production was the giveaway of giveaways. Hidden-in-plain-sight is what they call it.

They won't stop till Armageddon (don't be there). [Rev. 16:13-14,16]

Rev. 18:4

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