'Planned-Opolis': Chicago Students Not To Graduate W/O School-Approved Plan For Future; Chris Christie - July 4

updated  Chicago Schools to Students: Submit to Our Choices for Your Futures or No Diploma

[excerpted] Chicago...city's school district is pushing forward with its plan to demand—as a requirement to graduate—that seniors prove to the school that they have a plan for the future. What's more, this plan has to match what school administrators think your kid's future should look like.

Reason previously warned that this order was in the works and that Mayor Rahm Emanuel was fully supporting it. It is now officially in place, and it will start applying to students graduating in 2020.

Here is a list of options that graduating seniors will be allowed to pursue:

College acceptance letter received and returned
Military acceptance/enlistment letter
Acceptance into a job program (i.e., coding boot camp)
Acceptance into a trades pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship
Acceptance into a "gap year" program
Current job/job offer letter

Washington Post's coverage of the policy on Monday [link]...Here's what's going on at Morgan Park High School:

"Given the new graduation requirement, seniors beginning this fall will take a year-long seminar on planning for life after high school. [Principal Carolyn] Epps said she hopes to reach younger students through assemblies, parent meetings and instruction in home-room classes..."
The above is a follow up on, but not just a follow up, it is a notice of precise implementation of the 'Planned-opolis' depicted in the below video and linked post. Note especially according to above article the new graduation requirement will apply for the first time to the class of 2020. Very clearly then the program is now already underway so as to have that class of 2020 ready:

"Planned-opolis" - Globalism Is Communitarianism And Privatization - To Be Alive And Well Under Trump; Blue Zones 12-8-16 ""Much talk about Trump bringing about the demise of globalism, etc.. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization.." -- Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide... [and] Privatization... [meaning] ...they, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon [link] - own everything, the 'sheeple' minions cattle goyim...own nothing..."  [see post; links]


[1:34] 'our kids were allocated a school...'
[1:40] 'what do you know...today the little darlings get their career announcements...I'm sure they'll get something good...not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living'

Planned-opolis - Chicago 2017 launch, Class of 2020 first 'minion' roll-out
One world antichrist-government? - this is exactly that. Communitarianism and privatization. Privatization of everything does not exclude persons. By no means. Persons are also viewed as property. Human resources, they may refer to them as, to be managed as any other 'resource', for their own use. Which in the case of 'human resources' is to 'staff' the globe. Without question the novus ordo seclorum-ites have envisioned that running the globe as their own personal playground will require a very large workforce. No problem. Manufacture 'em in the schools for every different field, then plug 'em in where ever needed. That is exactly what this is about. Service animals - is very truly the mindset. As for the globe as a personal playground - think July 4th Chris Christie publicity stunt lounging on the NJ beach closed to the public because of 'financial shortages'. 'We are the elite, you the minions' was that message.

Are various States becoming insolvent - as John Q. Public is now being told. Really? And what suppose we shall the solution be? Why privatization of course. Private money coming in to 'save' the day, and just like that, the privatization-transition of the USA makes huge advances, all the while the masses remain oblivious.

Be not oblivious. Schools claiming ownership over students futures, and in that their person, is a huge step in the overall agenda. It's this much closer now.

Be aware. Be aware. Be aware. Be informed. Bow not to these god-complexed 666 Baal-worshiping would-be global minion-masters.

Rev. 18:4
Job 20:4-5,27 'Knowest thou not this of old, since man was placed upon earth, That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment? - The heaven shall reveal his iniquity; and the earth shall rise up against him'

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