5-Yr Flashback: 2012 London Olympics Opening - Birth Of Antichrist, Zionist-Antichrist Kingdom; And Fake Gog-Magog 2017

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2012 London Olympics Opening - An Aurora Connection: Giant Baby As The Birth Of 'Titan'; And Zion

Aurora, Colorado and London Olympics opening ceremony connected?

Quoting Anonymous Coward godlikeproductions-messageboard: "I watched the live stream too and it wasn't on US broadcast. Children dancing in a big ring to the side of where the big baby appeared danced to "Good Christian Men Rejoice". Words, over and over, "Christ is born today, Christ is born today!""

Giant baby 'birthed' in Olympic Stadium; screenshot from below video [see original post]
"As unlikely as it should be, the Aurora, CO incident of July 20, 2012, and the 2012 London Zion Olympics opening ceremony one week later, with the very strange appearance of a 'giant' (titan) baby, when taken together, seem to present a completed picture that goes beyond the realm of chance. As described in the follow up post above (which should be viewed to get the full impact of this [see @ 7-29-12 original post]), Aurora, the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn, is said to be the "harbinger of Titan", and as has now been seen by all the world, the Olympic opening ceremony has turned out to be the very fulfillment of that omen - the symbolic birthing of the "Titan". Titan, of course, is one of the occult names used for Lucifer [see link @ original post].

How can it be just coincidence that the incident in Aurora, CO July 20th 2012 was, according to those who chart the occult astrological alignment of the stars/planets, the very day that Titan is said to be "leading Saturn out of the womb of Virgo" [see 'follow up' (original post)]...and then just one short week later, a 'Titan' (giant) baby appears as part of the dark mystical Zion Olympics opening ceremony? ... 'Aurora' the sign, or harbinger of Titan, the giant 'Titan' baby at the Olympic opening ceremony the fulfillment of that sign. The fit is perfect and it could not have been so had there not been this precise Aurora-connection. It's a dark world. "

"The meaning truly is hard to misinterpret. Especially taking into consideration the comments of "Anonymous Coward" as quoted above, describing the singing of an old Christian hymn during the mystical birthing ceremony, apparently repeating over and over the refrain "Christ is come". This could not be corroborated by any other source but there is no reason to doubt that it is accurate. For the record there were very few articles that could be found that gave any real detail about this ritualistic opening ceremony. Most had no idea what to make of it. At any rate, singing 'christ is come' at the appearance of the baby would have to be at the very top of the 'bizarre' list - unless of course this truly was intended to be a symbolic as-above-so-below ceremony to 'enact' the 'rise of the 'Dark Knight', aka the real Antichrist. And how else can it be seen?"

"Bottom line here though is that this has been a display of things already known. Zionist intention to rule the earth is known. Nothing really new in that regard, but that it has now come to this point - the actual 'birth announcement' - this is extremely significant..."

"In reality all of this is revealed by the tricky London 2012 'Zion' logo when it is understood that it is in fact a pronouncement of the Zionist's claim of victory in their ancient goal to establish the kingdom of Zion on earth. In other words, what they are saying is that it is a done deal.

A kingdom needs a king of course, and as a kingdom is always personified by it's king, so here now has been the symbolic birthing of the king, and kingdom, of Zion." [link]

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The dark Zionist scheme to make themselves overlords of the planet is now five years further along. Bringing it to full fruition though cannot be done by as-above-so-below rituals, but is going to require taking a huge 'real-world' step. That's where the drawing ever-nearer fake 'Gog Magog' WWIII starring Russia, NK, U.S., Israel comes into the picture. Before the long dreamed-for long planned-for would-be 'kingdom-of-Zion' can 'officially' take-over the world, the existing world-order must be collapsed. Out of that wreckage, per the plan, comes then the rise to power. The set-up for the plan is now Daily News - and getting louder and louder by the day: Russia NK Russia NK Russia China NK Russia Russia NK China China NK NK NK, China, Russia, etc. etc. etc. etc.. And Trump.

Collapsing the world - it does not get any bigger. Everything is being readied. Be clear in your mind about this. They will absolutely go forward with it. There is no doubt on this. When exactly is the only question remaining. No way to know though. The Dark-World reality is that it is all about the kabbalah-numerology. Months, or next year, or 2019, or 2020..? Reality is it just comes down to whatever the magic-formula they've conjured up with their magic-numbers calls for. Everything by sorcery.

What to do about it? A practical, realistic response is the answer. Being prepared mentally beforehand. Knowing all about it, understanding it, even expecting it. When the numerology-day comes (and it's coming)...take it from there [Zeph. 2:3].

To fully understand this the first thing needed is to fully understand this - they are all in on it together:

see: 777-brothers Trump-Putin; and NK;  also: China/Russia
Rev. 18:4


John Cole said...

Here are two books written by a kabbalist that may or may not give some clues on the timing. Interesting reading anyway.

0 HC to 2018 CE. Revealing the secret code of the Divine Calendar. The road map from creation to redemption.


There's Nothing Random About the Universe - Not Pi, Not Phi, Not the Fine Structure Constant, Not the Convergence of the Calendars on the Year 2018, nor to what it All Points.


tom m. said...

Amazing the mind blinded-ness of these kabbalah would-be magic-number-conjurers

2Cor. 4:4 'In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.'