Oroville Dam A Scam? '77' Numerology And Agenda 21 Wildlands Map All Over It

What should be thought when supposed-to-be naturally occurring events fit perfectly known global agendas, and, also have the usual 'too-unusual' kabala-numerology attached to them? The Oroville Dam event fits the bill on both counts. With little to no effort even needed to 'find clues' in this instance, two things jump out immediately on 'Oroville Dam'. First thing, glaringly actually, is the height of Oroville Dam - the tallest dam in the USA - 770 feet. That odd fact alone could likely tell a person everything they need to know about what's really going on in Oroville. A major '77' event just weeks after the 777-Trump new-dawn began [link]? Things too coincidental..are just that. That is not all though - and again this is with the least effort [see image, quotes below] - four more double-7's. Namely the date of first occurrence of the 'leak' February 7 (2-7); and the amount of water being controlled-released stated as 1400 m3/s (2x7); and the stated depth of the hole eventually created by the 'leak' i.e. 45 feet or 14 meters (2x7). And, interesting also that the total volume of the dam is another '77', almost a triple-7 even. That's four double-sevens in addition to the dam height without even trying.

The secondary numbers aside though, the 770 foot height is just too hidden-in-plain-sight obvious. It has to be the Oroville Dam Scam:


"Once called the ninth wonder of the world, the Oroville Dam is the tallest dam in the United States, besting Hoover Dam by more than 40 feet..." source

"Lake Oroville is a man-made reservoir on the Feather River in Northern California...Lake Oroville is the largest reservoir in the State Water Project, the system of reservoirs and canals that supplies nearly a third of Southern California’s drinking water..."  source

"After a period of heavy rain, on February 7, 2017 [2-7], during ongoing flood control release of about 50,000 cubic feet per second (1,400 m3/s), a crater appeared in the Oroville Dam spillway.[31] High inflows to Lake Oroville forced dam operators to continue using the damaged spillway, causing additional damage. By February 10, the spillway hole had grown to 300 feet (91 m) wide, 500 feet (152 m) long and 45 feet (14 m) deep..." source: wiki

Numerology aside, the second thing that jumps out immediately is the fact that the lake that Oroville Dam is holding back just so happen to be man made. This is a huge no-no with regard to the global agenda known as Agenda 21. The very true fact of the matter is that eventually all such man-made obstructions to the natural order are slated to be removed. This is the reality of the A21 global-scheme. Relinked here, this was quoted from an older post regarding a 1140 page UN document published in 1995, related to Agenda 21, called the “Biodiversity Assessment Report”. The UN report identifies all the things that are to be done away with - because of "greenhouse gas":

[From 'UN 2030'] "RESEARCHER JEANNIE SODERMAN did a complete reading of the 1140 page “Biodiversity Assessment Report” that came out of Agenda 21. She noted that ICLEI, the International Committee of Local Environmental Initiatives is the group empowered to implement Agenda 21 worldwide. Soderman compiled a list of the things that were named “unsustainable” in the report... [including - from a much longer list:] "aquaculture, dams, reservoirs, straightening of rivers.."

All waterways must be restored to natural conditions. That is the new-world A21 plan. Doing that involves relocating all human populations. Causing a dam to burst and flooding out an area is one way that could be done, but it does not necessarily have be taken to that extreme. Oroville Dam does not look like it will end with a 'collapse' or 'catastrophic flood' [this time] but the fact that it has now been demonstrated that this is a possibility gives tremendous leverage to the population-relocating masterminds to force an exodus from an area like this. After such a 'threat' the rezone-ers show up and make the area a 'high risk zone' and suddenly property insurance becomes unaffordable [see: post 'superstorm' sandy 6-9-13]. People get forced out, no one wants to buy, over time the place is emptied. The ultimate goal is something like this image below depicts:

This map first came out in the days of the Bill Clinton presidency. It was called "The Wildlands Project". No people allowed in the red or yellow. Regardless of whether or not this exact map has ever been "officially" adopted or not, the agenda behind it has never changed. That agenda is to herd all people worldwide into so-called sustainable cities and communities so they can be monitored and controlled like good little 666 global citizens should be...all done in the name of environmentalism of course.

Future of Oroville?
Oroville Dam a scam? Kabala-numerology and Agenda 21 - got both all over it. Everything scripted.

Rev. 18:4
compare: 2-16-17 'Historic' Trump Press Conference Was '77' Kabala-Numerology Minutes Long - USA Now A Reality TV Show
Matt. 25:10 'And...the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him..." [here]

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Oroville, California was incorporated on January 3, 1906 or 111 years 1 months 11 days inclusive from 2/13.