2-16-17 'Chaotic' Trump Press Conference Was '77' Kabala-Numerology Minutes Long - USA Now A Reality TV Show

In 77 Chaotic Minutes, Trump Defends ‘Fine-Tuned Machine

[NY Times - excerpted from much longer article] 2-16-17 Taking a room of reporters and the television audience on a journey through the Trump psyche, the president was at times angry (at the news media), playful (“I love this,”) bewildered (by “bias and hatred”), occasionally respectful (“It’s a great honor to be with you”) and needy (“I’m really not a bad person, by the way”).

Still, it is unlikely that Mr. Trump’s 77-minute performance will divert much long-term attention from questions about his campaign’s relationship with Russia, or reassure wavering Republicans on Capitol Hill that their agenda is on track.

With the same lack of discipline that his supporters on the campaign trail found refreshing, Mr. Trump lashed out at the news media, which he called “out of control.”

"77 chaotic minutes" of press conference by 777-Trump*?

Most have seen the video/s of what is being called an "historic" press conference - unlike anything seen before. Not posted here as it is unnecessary. They are all over the place. Trump calling-out the zwo/msm - Bureau of Propaganda for 'fake news' and the zwo/msm BoP firing back in full attack mode. But was/is it all real or is it a highly coordinated production? Note the author of the above article did call it a "performance". The title of the above article though - "77 Chaotic Minutes" - answers the question beyond any doubt...as well all questions about the general turmoil i.e. ordo-ab-chao of these first three weeks of the new White House 'situation'.

Namely...it is nothing more than a reality TV show.

Sad, as in pathetic, but 100% true. The 'dawn' (as in Don) of the new-order is the plot - numerology and ordo-ab-chao the means to bring it about. As always. It is now being played out before the world. And Trump of course has many years of experience with the reality-TV format.

'77' minutes cannot be by chance, and it would certainly not be thought by the NY Times of any special import to note exactly how many 'chaotic' minutes a press conference lasted unless it was kabala-numerology important, part of which clearly is to send the signal hidden-in-plain-sight that it's all just a big game.

No, lasting exactly 77-minutes makes the thing incontrovertible. Must really be patting themselves on the back with this one.
[Side note also on date 2-16: 1+6=7 giving a 2-7, or another double-7 i.e. 77 - just noticing]

Reality check 2017 - Americans you are now living in a reality TV show.  Rev. 18:4
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*Inauguration Day Kabalist-Numerology: 1-21-17 Trump '777' exactly 70 yrs. 7 months 7 days old - 'Don' [dawn] Of The New Order 11-11-16

Isaiah 30:8-9 'Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever: That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD '

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