Virginia WBJD-TV 'Shooting' Real Or Make Believe 'Snuff Film' Shown To World? And 'Horus' Hidden-In-Plain-Sight

Article sent in by reader John C.

Gunman in deadly on-air attack dies after manhunt

MONETA, Va. -- A TV reporter and cameraman were shot to death during a live television interview on CBS Roanoke affiliate WDBJ-TV Wednesday by a gunman who recorded himself carrying out the killings and posted the video on social media after fleeing the scene.

Authorities identified the suspect as a journalist who had been fired from the station in 2013. Hours later and hundreds of miles away, he ran off the road and a trooper found him with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He died at a hospital later Wednesday.

In an interview with CBSN, Jeffrey Marks, WDBJ's president and general manager, said Flanagan's name came to mind "instantly" when he heard about the shooting.

"Eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. He did not take that well," Marks explained.

ABC News reported on its website that the network received a 23-page fax from someone claiming to be Williams. The network said the fax was turned over to authorities.

The 23-page document is a manifesto of sorts, saying he was motivated to kill his former co-workers after the recent Charleston church shootings. Police have called the massacre a racially motivated hate crime. The document also cites the Virginia Tech and Columbine High School killers as influences.

"This gentleman was disturbed at way things had turned out at some point in his life. Things were spiraling out of control," Franklin County Sheriff W.Q. "Bill" Overton Jr. said at a news conference.

This post related to: Too Predictable: Largest Theater Chain In USA Starts Bag Checks, Talking About Metal Detectors, Armed Guards 8-21-15 "Dylann Spoof Last Month, Chattanooga Booga-Booga This Month - No Stops To The ZWO Psyops 7-7-15 "Last month it was supposedly a racist-church shooting, but turned out to be all about confederate flag banning...How do these things keep happening so neatly? Tucson, Aurora, Sandy, Boston, Ottawa, Sydney, Paris, Charleston, etc, etc. etc., each fitting perfectly the overall agenda, one after another like clockwork. Could it possibly be that they are make-believe? -- Note also that in both of these latest 'incidents' the alleged perpetrators are said to have not survived the event. Strange how that is almost always the case with these things...quick as it happened it's over and done, but the known agendas always advance. [see post]

The perpetrator once again is not around when it's over, and the known agendas advance. This latest episode 'Virgina Newsroom' hits on all the typical ones, as usual. Gun control obviously, then mental health, so-called, is all over it - expect to hear increased and louder calls for mandatory 'screening'; next you have the playing of the race card, the alleged incident made out to be a hate crime, getting two birds with one stone - and the thing is hitting on all points.

And then of course the favorite number 23 appears by way of the purported manifesto - '23' being the known cabalist occult number which to them signifies 'death' (2/3 = .666) - which the reported manifesto just so happens to be praising...purportedly referring to Columbine and VT.

Oh, and while on the subject, definitely not to be missed is that this 'incident' has turned out to be a worldwide showing of a 'snuff film', having been shown on live TV as well as being sent out all over the place on Twitter autoplay [link] and who knows how many web video services. Talk about trauma-based conditioning...or an utter assault on the sensibilities of the worldwide public...this one did all that.

One of those 'snuff' videos appeared in the above posted article. This particular video showed just a portion of the purported 'action scene'. The video is not posted here but the two images below were clipped from it. They are revealing. Beside the partial 'snuff' footage, the video in general is of an interview with an 'expert' in these matters - an ex-ATF official:

Horace (Horus), and the eye of Horus, make the news coverage of 8-26-15 Virginia WDBJ-TV incident
As pointed out by reader John C. who sent the article link, the name of the 'expert' is at least one of the hidden-in-plain-sight clues to the reality of this Virginia ordo-ab-chao. Why, it is Horace (Horus) himself. And apparently just to make double sure that it's all out there in as plain sight as can possibly be, the image on the right was included in the news coverage, big as day, no explanation, eye-of-Horus on the reported female victim.

Hidden in plain sight as can be. Be psyop aware - they're coming virtually everyday now...in multiples even. While it is not possible to avoid them, being mind-numbed by them is definitely avoidable - John 8:12.
  Rev. 18:4
Rev. 3:11 'Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown'


John Cole said...

The video taken by the shooter is highly suspicious. The woman is shot 3 times at point blank range and with no effect to her body, and is able to run away with no ill effects. Not buying it.

Anonymous said...

The satanic colours,red and black,are there also,that the reporter is wearing.


Christina said...

Exactly what I saw. This whole thing looks so fake. It's like they are getting worse at it and more sloppy now.

John Cole said...

EXPOSED LIVE TV SHOOTING HOAX Fake News Reporter Alison Parker Shooting Compared to Real Shooting


John Cole said...

Virginia Shooting 100% Hoax - CASE CLOSED