Windows 10 'The Service' Is Big Brother Computer Takeover: "All I Wanna Be Is Everything" Says He; "World Is Ready"

Windows 10. It's free to upgrade says Microsoft. Free? What about that old maxim that says "nothing's free". Definitely holds true in this case. The fact is that Windows 10 is going to be very expensive for it's users in the long term, although that full cost may not be so evident right at this beginning point to some.

Windows 10 wants to 'know you' and be your buddy
By now almost certainly all are well aware of the incredible privacy destroying features built into Windows 10, all of which are running by default. Interesting thing about that is that many seem to think that just turning them all off solves the W10 problem. Does it though? The answer is absolutely not. The reality is that there is still another major issue with Microsoft's new operating system which seems to be getting much less attention. Leaving aside for the moment these issues concerning total loss of privacy, like for instance, to name just a few: having all your typed words collected, your touchscreen written words collected, your e-mails scanned, your voice recorded, and built-in bio-identification technology - including facial recognition with a little program called "Hello"; and the new so-called personal assistant 'Cortana' who "wants to get to know you", and as it does 'get to know you' wants to think ahead and 'make suggestions' to you based on your usage patterns; and the fact that all this data obviously will be used to create very detailed profiles of users - which then gets sent up there to the 'cloud'...where anything goes after that...well, what could possibly go wrong.

All that and more is only part of the issue with Windows 10 though. And all of that clearly represents an extremely high price to pay for users who do not 'opt out' of the default settings. Namely, your personal information is no longer yours, nor is it personal. It belongs to the cloud managers of the netherworld. But, even if all these privacy-destroying features are turned off, assuming of course that the little button on the screen really does turn them off, there is still yet another very high price that must be paid by Windows 10 users.

This price is the cost represented by the total loss of control over your own computer. Taking control of software out of the hands of users has been a stated goal of the would-be global-population managers for a number of years now (see below). Windows 8 released at the end of 2012 was actually the first major step toward this end. In retrospect it is clear the W8 was never intended to be anything more than just that - just the first step in the overall transition. "The World is Ready" was the motto at that point (see below). That was then, this is now. Windows 10 is now to be the fruition of the plan.

Below is an excerpted repost from 11-22-12 on the topic of the introduction of Windows 8. Where all this was going was clear then, it is much more so now. Everything mentioned there...is now being put into play with Windows 10. When W8 was released the stated goal was to create a cross-platform, universal, so-to-speak, single operating system. This is now accomplished with W10. One account per user no matter how many different devices. Computer, tablet, phone, same "Windows Account". Note: this does wonders for tracking, profiling, controlling, etc.. Exactly as intended.

The idea of "being put into play" needs to be clearly understood. Probably the biggest change with the introduction of W10 is the concept of Windows now being a "service", as opposed to a specific operating system tied to a specific device. Converting Windows to a service means very simply that the user no longer has control over the system. The intent to take control of software from users was stated years ago, and W10 has made that a reality.

With W10 redefining the operating system as a service, updates are now mandatory. Not only security updates, but also the very system features. Like it or not, whatever new thing comes out is getting downloaded and installed automatically on W10 systems. No 'off' button on this one. And this for "the life of the device" says Microsoft. In other words, as radically Big-Brother as W10 is here now right out of the box, what it might look like in one year, two years, five years...

Well, the ZWO MS-branch already made the answer to that question known back in 2012 when Windows 8 was first released:

"All I wanna be is everything...":


Originally posted 11-22-12 [excerpted]: Windows 8: The Cloud, Big Brother, And the Eye-of-Horus; The World Is Ready, Says Microsoft

The story starts here with this reference to an article posted in December of last year: Microsoft Silent Updates "A Strategic Direction Shift" - To "The Cloud"? 12-20-11 "Microsoft today said it will silently upgrade Internet Explorer (IE) starting next month, arguing that taking the responsibility out of the hands of users will keep the Web safer...."It's the future ... for all software...a strategic direction shift" - Would that strategic direction shift be to take all software out of the users control and "shift" it to the "cloud"? If that were the case, it would give tremendous internet 'gatekeeping' power to those now building their 666 totalitarian global kingdom." [see post]
It was a little less than one year ago that Microsoft announced their "strategic direction shift". That "strategic" move, they announced, would be to take the control of software "out of the hands of users", making the strong statement that this is in fact the "future...for all software". Although by definition this constitutes a totalitarian power grab of the 'digital-universe', note that the official explanation for it is to "keep the web safer". Anyway, as most are well aware, three weeks ago Microsoft released to a greatly less-than-enthusiastic reception their new "strategic direction" with a from-the-ground-up completely reworked version of their trusted Windows operating system. Enter the all new approach of Windows 8:

This is Microsoft's description of Windows 8, from their website:

Your life, connected through the cloud
Whether you're at work or at play, you can take your friends, files, and favorite sites with you. When you sign in to Windows 8 or Windows RT with a Microsoft account, your PC is connected to the cloud and the stuff that you care about is available wherever you go. Sign in to any device—your PC, laptop, or phone—and everything's there.

As seen, Windows 8 has in fact opened a 'window' to the 'cloud' for all users, whether they want it or not, and in that it is being used to subtly start the 'cloud shift', i.e. taking control of software out of users hands. What does Microsoft say about this? Below are two clips taken from a Youtube video that was used essentially as a promo for the official release of Windows 8, published one day before the actual start date. The message in this first image clipped from the video [linked below] could not be any clearer:

Windows 8: The World is Ready Commercial: (Youtube video published on Oct 25, 2012) "Microsoft has announced the availability of its Windows 8 operating system for its customers around the world. Starting Friday, October 26 [2012], consumers worldwide will have access to the latest Microsoft OS on a wide range of Windows 8 PCs, ultrabooks, tablets and hybrid devices."

The message in this second image from the same video could not be any clearer either. It is a hand-formation of a figure '8' - for Windows '8' of course, with, it just so happens, the infamous all-seeing-eye peering through, aka the 'eye of Horus'.

Understanding that such obvious occult symbolism is never random but always intentional, are the 'hidden' messages in this Windows 8 "The World Is Ready" promo video a statement that the world is considered now ready for Horus, i.e. the Antichrist - along with the global system to monitor and control everything and everybody that comes with him - and that Windows 8 (and beyond) is going to make it happen?

Apparently the would-be global managers feel that the "world is ready" for these things, and the only thing needed is global software-integration at the consumer level:

"90% of the PC’s on Earth are running Windows...log in with your Windows Account to any Windows 8 PC, and as it stores all your data in the cloud...[the] next logical step would be that this functionality would be extended to all capable devices...with Windows 8, [the] whole scene will change radically– The ecosystems will become commodificated in the sense that everyone, on any device, can start using them. Think of TV’s with Windows 8? Computers. Smart and maybe even featurephones. How many devices you know that could run Windows? ...even things like the ATMs usually run on Windows..." [source]

The reality is that Windows 8 evidently is the beginning of what will be a virtually 'universal' software-system. Everything everywhere will be easily connected into it, from computers to tablets to phones and perhaps even ATM's eventually [log on to your 'home page']. This is exactly what Microsoft is saying in the above quote from the Microsoft Windows 8 website [top of post]: "Your life, connected through the cloud". Connected to what? Connected to the Brave New World global grid of course - your life, digitalized, in the hands of the software-controllers of the nether-world.

"All I wanna be, all I wanna be, oh All I wanna be is everything"
Whose hands? The hands of the software controllers? Would that be Big Brother aka Horus? Which question brings up this last image clipped from another official Microsoft Windows 8 promo video: Microsoft Windows 8 Everything at Once TVC - Official Commercial. It is a music video titled "Everything At Once" - by Lenka. The refrain of the song is "All I wanna be, is everything...". That raises the question of who exactly it is that wants to be "everything at once" to the users of Windows 8. Judging from the eye-of-Horus palms so prominently displayed the answer to that question it is not a difficult one.

Windows 8 is going to be shifting the masses to the cloud, and putting control of the software into the hands of Big Brother, aka 'Horus'. The world is ready they say. Do you want your life in the 'hands of horus'? Rev. 18:4
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Windows 10 a "free" upgrade? Hardly. Surrendering your autonomy, and your very person...to a talking computer...that wants to be everything, is an enormous price to pay. In fact, sounds like the makings for an Orwellian nightmare.

Rev. 18:4
8-11-15 follow up: Windows 10 Big Brother Promo Reveals Children Of The World As Target Group -- To Be A 'Spirit Guide'?
Ephesians 5:15-16 'See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil'