'Bruce' Trans-gender Jenner May Be Charged With 'Manslaughter'...Yuk Yuk, Get It? -- As-Above-So-Below

Follow up on: Bruce Jenner 'Transgender-Psyop' Foretold In 1997 "Married With Children" TV Sitcom; Nepal? - As Above So Below 4-26-15 "Bruce Jenner the victim of a massive transgender-psyop? When something makes absolutely no sense, it is simply not believable...And let it not be missed, of course, how it is that this earth-shattering* 'all-American-Olympian-hero aka worldwide celebrity goes transgender' Bruce Jenner story is now arriving on the scene with such absolutely impeccable timing. Just when the 'transgender issue' has reached a point of becoming a 'national discussion', if not global. The ZWO architects of global-transgenderization could not have asked for anything better than this to push 'the cause' -- A psyop? ...The above Youtube clip is 18-yrs old. Pure conjecture of course, but could that suggest a hand-picking of a subject long ago, even back to the days of Olympic glory perhaps, manipulating people, places, things, to set up the scenario, then placing in the hands of controllers, something like a 'Kardashian-controller' perhaps...[see post; video]
Manslaughter charge recommended for Caitlyn Jenner

Sheriff’s investigators plan to recommend prosecutors file a vehicular manslaughter charge against Caitlyn Jenner for her role in a fatal car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu last February, officials said Thursday.

Investigators found that Jenner was driving “unsafe for the prevailing road conditions” because her SUV rear-ended a Lexus, pushing it into oncoming traffic, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said.

The Lexus driver, 69-year-old Kim Howe, was killed when her car was struck head-on by a Hummer.

The case will be presented to prosecutors for final review next week, Nishida said. The district attorney’s office will determine what charges Jenner ultimately faces...If convicted of such a charge, Jenner could face up to one year in county jail.

The case will be presented to prosecutors for final review next week, Nishida said. The district attorney’s office will determine what charges Jenner ultimately faces.

When still-Bruce Jenner was reportedly involved in a deadly traffic accident earlier this year [2-7-'15] in Malibu California, red-flag psyop-warnings began going off immediately. These red-flag psyop-warnings go off with virtually every msm news story these days anyway, but with the full-scale Jenner-transgender saga just about to be unleashed upon the world, all the more so this time. For such a highly dramatic event like that to occur, at just that precise moment - this really does defy probability. With things like this, that are just too coincidental, the 'publicity stunt' factor is very difficult to discount. Jenner was instantly catapulted to the top of the news cycle...and the momentum from that event carried right into his worldwide transgender unveiling ceremony just a couple of months later - which took place the same day as the devastating Nepal 'quake' interestingly enough. [see 'follow up' linked above]

Often it is difficult to determine the specific purpose for each part of any given ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda psyop-production at the point in time it is played out. Invariably though as the whole drama plays out over time the blurred lines come into focus and the picture becomes clear. Such is now the case with regard to the aspect of the 'fatal crash' in the overall Jenner production. What exactly the 'hidden message' was - the as-above-so-below symbology of the alleged fatal car crash - was unclear at the time. But not now. It is very clear now. Clear as can be actually...and possibly about to be showcased to the entire world:

It is the kabbalist declaration, in as-above-so-below fashion, of the end of the 'male'. Jenner is being used, wittingly or unwittingly, to usher in the new 'unisex world of minion-dom' the would-be masters of humanity have envisioned, and that of course could never come about unless the 'male' identity is done away with.

In the attempt to accomplish something in the 'spiritual realm', the kabbalist occultists, as many now understand, must first playact it out on the 'physical plane' by way of ritual. And so here it is. Jenner, to their mind now the world's most famous 'ex-male', is the as-above-so-below representation of the 'slaughter of the man' in human society.

 "Manslaughter" in other words...playacted ritualistically by Jenner it seems evident.

Note: About the alleged victim - note the given age. Said to be '69'. Sixty-nine, with it's up-down reversible numbers is the absolute symbol of the as-above-so-below ritual. Another factor also contributing greatly to the not-believable factor of the 'Jenner crash' story is that the given details of the story are riddled with homosexual innuendos - which will not be pointed out here due to the extreme crudeness. They are hidden in plain sight - which is a definite signature.

 Metrosexual androgynites only is the plan. Be aware - know what and why.
 Rev. 18:4
Mark 10:6 'But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female'

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