NWO Meteorite-Agenda Goes To New Level: 'SMASHfestUK' To Prepare Public For 'Asteroid' Strike - Feb. 14-22, 2015

This post is a follow up on: 2-Yr. Flashback: Russian Chelyabinsk 'Meteorite' 2-15-13 - Undetected Because 'Sun In Their Eyes'; Meteorite Agenda 2-12-15 "Real meteorites... or something else going on? ... Take note. The tremendous hype that started two years ago as a result of the Chelyabinsk incident, and has been unceasing since, suggests strongly that a 'meteorite/comet/space rock' chaos-inducing event or events is/are absolutely, at some point, inevitable. Instant devastation anytime anywhere - the scenario is now in place. When, not if - apparently again - it occurs, the 'phoenix' of the zionist-new-world-order would be able to rise overnight from the dust and ashes of the destruction. Interesting how that works. Be absolutely aware and forget it not, could be where you live. They're coming right out and saying as much" [see post]
Credit for finding this info on SMASHfestUK goes to 'Miss A' who sent an e-mail in response to the above post, here excerpted to explain what this is (presumably Miss A you are okay with that):

"Thought you might be interested in this re, your recent post...Unfortunately, I stumbled upon it while looking for child friendly things to do during the half-term.... It's called ‘SMASHfestUK’ and, I quote, “is a series of entertaining events, installations and shows themed around what would happen if an asteroid was heading for London! There are events for all ages from 5-12, 12-16 and adults.” I nearly fell off my seat. Add to that recent ITV series; cockroaches (post apocalyptic 'comedy' following survivors of nuclear fallout)...Predictive programming much? - Miss A    ...Maranatha":

SMASHfestUK - Albany Theatre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London - Feb. 14 -22, 2015

Offsite advertisement and event descriptions for 2015 "SmashfestUK" - link
Seeing an actual event as described above, starting tomorrow February 14, 2015 running through the 22nd at various locations on the event grounds in London UK, it becomes virtually impossible to dismiss the notion of what can only be described as a public conditioning program. A public conditioning program for recovery from a massive disaster attributed to a "meteorite strike" (or asteroid, or mystery space rock of some sort, etc.). Below is the official logo for the unprecedented event. Below that are a few quotes from the official website, excerpted from descriptions of specific events/workshops seen in the above list in the advertisement. The descriptions are self-explanatory. In comprehending what is actually being done here, i.e. full-blown "meteorite agendizing", it is not hard to see how Miss A would nearly fall off her seat:

Official "SmashfestUK" logo depicting imminent meteorite strike. Be afraid - you never know when (question mark)
Survival Supermarket Sweep - link
Imagine you have just 30 seconds to gather everything that you need to take into your Survival Shelter to escape the Moment of Impact. In our apocalyptic mini-market, that’s exactly the situation you’ll find yourself in. Grab a basket, the countdown clock will begin and you need to make decisions FAST about what your survival strategy will be. Jerk Chicken? Liquorice? Whisky? Whatever you grab from the shelves will be all you have to survive on when the Asteroid hits Deptford. Choose wisely because once you check-out, there’s no going back!

Moment of impact show - link
Its happening! An asteroid is heading for Earth and its getting closer and closer. Over at Mission Control, a crack team have been trying to figure out whether if there’s a way to avoid Armageddon, but have they managed? You can only find out if you come along and join in the countdown to the Moment of Impact! This variety extravaganza, will feature an intoxicating mix of performances and events, designed to shock, excite, thrill and make you think about stuff you might not have considered before. Not only will be creating our own comet, live on stage, showing you how you can throw yourself out of a 2 story window without injury, scan your brain for evidence of activity using a set of kitchen scales, and how to protect yourself from a possible invasion of zombies.

Build your own Survival Village - link
In the aftermath of a disaster (lets just say for case of argument, a massive asteroid lands on London!) creating shelter from the elements and re-establishing a sense of community is all-important. Come and join in our survival village at The Albany Theatre Garden. Learn how to make shelters from materials you find lying around that can protect you from the elements. Have a bash at making a geodesic dome out of simple plastic pipes. Come and sit around the campfire and figure out how to make the place feel like home. Whether you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush and paints or never picked up a power tool in your life, come and build with us!

The above described workshops, as well the entire event, represent an indoctrination effort on John Q. Public like nothing ever seen. The thing about that is that there has to be a reason. Be informed.  Rev. 18:4

Home page - link

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Amazing irony is that, according to the Word of God, the NWO/ZWO will itself one day see "sudden destruction...and they shall not escape":  'For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them' - 1Thes. 5:3

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