NWO To Fund Armed Police At Schools Nationwide - Because Of "Mass Shootings"

Follow up on: 23 Executive Orders, 33 Days After Sandy Hook: NWO Police State Integration Going Deep 1-17-13  "With 'current events' having created the pretext, these orders, coming in right on cue, are laying the groundwork to establish an incredibly integrated system of control throughout every area of society. Federal agents will be poking and probing and prodding into people's personal lives in ways never before seen. And what about those "mental health counselors" and "resource officers" getting ready to flood the schools [#18; note also first paragraph of posted article]..." [see post]
Mass shootings prompt millions for additional police officers at schools nationwide

The US Department of Justice has pledged $44mn in grants to provide 356 school resource officers to 141 cities and counties nationwide in what it calls an effort to make schools safer following events like the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting in December.

Grants intended to fund more police officers in schools will go to law enforcement agencies across the country, the Justice Department (DOJ) said Friday as it unveiled the entire list of recipients...“Not only do they deter crime, but they provide opportunities for positive relations between students and law enforcement,” Karen Servas, a Modesto City School District grant writer who worked with the city police department to appeal for funding, told McClatchy.

The grants are part of Obama administration efforts to secure schools in the wake of...the December 2012 ['event' at]....Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown...

Shortly after Sandy Hook, the administration launched a campaign to reduce nationwide gun violence, proposing more background checks for those who seek to buy guns and bans on high-capacity magazines. It also said it wants 1,000 total new school resource officers and counselors, as well as emergency management plans in all public schools. Yet, most efforts outside of adding armed police officers in schools have been brushed aside by Congress.

Resource officers are sworn law enforcement officers with the authority to make arrests and carry a weapon in schools.

The National Association of School Resource Officers says there are more than 10,000 resource officers in the US, and that school-based policing is the fastest growing area of law enforcement in the nation.

re: "school-based policing"

Armed police fast becoming commonplace in the schools, and soon on an even more widespread scale. With 10,000 "resource officers" already deployed in schoolhouses across the land, what can only be seen as an obvious scheme to ultimately install "school-based policing" in every school everywhere is set to advance with the next phase of that plan, as revealed in the above article. Fully 141 cities and counties across the USA will officially turn their school systems over to the dictatorial control of the new NWO-USA police state authority.

Already being endlessly brainwashed to 'go green' and live as members of the 'collective' and reject all moral 'limitations' to exploring the 'full confusion' of their sexuality, this next generation are to now be made fully accustomed to living and functioning in an environment where 'the State' is overseeing their every move. And, as can be discerned by the comments of Modesto City School District grant writer Karen Servas, as quoted in the above article, the kids are to be trained to like it. It's a plus-plus, says Ms. Servas, because having armed police hovering over the kids all the time not only deters them from getting out of line ("crime"), but it creates opportunities for "positive relations" with the gun-carrying Big Brother representatives - aka "resource officers". Big Bro is your friend kiddies, so don't worry about him looking over your shoulder with every move you make.

With "school-based policing" the norm, this next generation will never know the difference. All it took to make it happen was a few Hollywood special-effects type productions followed up with a whole lot of mass-media collusion to sell it. Global citizens for the 666 dictatorial system of the 'counterfeit Zion' - this is how. Be aware, and make your children aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Ps.127:1 'Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it'  [nwo - false zion]

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