Big Brother Takes Over East Orange, New Jersey: "Light-Based Intervention System"

0:54 "the police are observing you, the police are recording you, the police are responding..."
Red Lights Newest 'Precrime' Technique

"it can shoot a light beam a city block away....censors on top of patrol cars instantly read the license plates of all vehicles it passes...a monitor shows a picture of the car owner and whether they are on any lists...whether that's a terror watch list or they have an outstanding parking ticket"

This is about globalization. America is just another region to be managed, part of what is now a forming 'global' police state. It's for real...be acutely aware. btw, are you on any "lists"?

see: Global Police State Birthed: U.S. And Foreign Governments Announce "Bureau of Counterterrorism" Launch 1-5-12
Believe bible prophecy yet, like the thing about the 666 one-world government? You should.
Luke 21:35 "For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth"

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