Occupy Four Month Date 1-17-12; National Plan To Occupy Congress, Pledge "Direct Action To Bring Change"

Occupy Congress 1-17-12 press release

(excerpted) The U.S. House of Representatives convenes for the first time in 2012 on January 17th, and they will be welcomed by the largest national unification of Occupiers to date.

All occupations are encouraged to bring a Petition for Redress of Grievances* from their respective camps and communities. Though our grievances are many, the common theme that runs through them will be amplified on the steps of Capitol Hill: corporations, special interests and money from the autocratic elite has created a government that is unable to govern for the people. We will be joined by those who agree with this from across the political spectrum. Those who can’t join us will Occupy Congress’ phone lines and email boxes, making sure their representatives hear their voice.

This event is still taking shape and Occupiers are building this national assembly in the spirit that collective action empowers people to govern themselves. With that in mind, we plan to organize space and time to hold educational sessions, share ideas, collaborate, network, and discuss next steps and directions for the movement. We will also take direct action to bring change to our political system, though the specifics of the actions are still under development. We will host a creative after party featuring music to close off the day of solidarity.

On January 17th, we will create a forum for the people to take our future back from a Congress that, for too long, has placed financial interest above human interest.

Where it all started; 9-17-11: Civil Unrest To Destabilize The USA? "US Day of Rage" Planned For 9-17-11; Have NWO Logos 8-13-11 "the first logo...is clearly a woman riding a beast...which comes straight out of the book of Revelation [Rev. 17:3]. The second logo...is undeniably an 'all-seeing eye'...[see post].

Occupy Wall Street New Partner Issues Manifesto For "Global Democracy" "...control over decisions...from global to local"...is the exact ruse that the Agenda 21 'global communitarian' system is built upon...destabilize, communitarian-ize, zion-ize...

11-17-11 Occupy Two Month Date: "International Day Of Action" Scheduled; New NWO Slogan "Resist austerity. Reclaim the economy. Recreate our democracy" ... The chaos breaks it down, then it can be 'recreated' exactly as the Zionist NWO-ers have planned"

12-12-11 "Occupy Update: 12-12-11 "National Day of Action" Blockades West Coast Ports "So far, almost three months in now, the Occupy movement has proven NWO-useful in that it has provided a perfect opportunity for 'live training' for police state totalitarianism - i.e. crushing dissent, as most of the Occupy camps have been forcefully broken up... again, the 'police state USA' now has a visible presence, one that did not exist three months ago"

*as for the "Petitions for Redress" being called for; compare: History In The Making - Continental Congress Convenes To 'Hold Government Accountable' November 11-22 '09 11-13-09 "The expressed intent is the "development and adoption of formal 'Remedial Instructions' to be served upon federal and state officials...and giving them formal 'Notice as to the "Civic Actions" of (peaceful) resistance the people may take...en masse'"...if said petitions are ignored (which of course they will be). [follow links, connect dots]
Direct action to bring change? Take the future back? That the "Occupy movement" is a product of the kabalist novus ordo seclorum ordo-ab-chao backroom-strategists is not at all difficult to see. And without question, it is here to stay, and to bring the "change" it is designed to bring. See it for what it is because your life will definitely be impacted by the "change". Rev. 18:4
John 18:36 'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight...'

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