Norway To Inject Citizenry With 'Mystery Brew For Mystery Flu'

Norway to implement mass vaccination against flu norwaypost

The Norwegian health authorities will this fall begin a program of mass vaccination against the A H1N1 flu, also called the swine flu. A total of 9.4 million doses have been ordered from the suppliers.

All will be given two innoculations, two weeks apart, Bergens Tidende reports. The total cost will be NOK 650 million.

So far, only 23 cases of the flu has been diagnosed in Norway, but the authorities expect that the number will increase.
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'The UN's top health official has opened a forum in Mexico on combating swine flu by saying that the spread of the virus worldwide is now unstoppable...Leaders and experts from 50 countries are in Cancun for the two-day meeting to discuss strategies for combating the virus.'

re: unstoppable

"Unstoppable" can mean only one thing. Mass vaccinations for all. Norway now joins
France and Australia in the plan to force entire populations to be injected with the 'mystery brew' for the 'mystery flu'. Two shots each...just in case the first one doesn't do the trick.

The U.S. is currently working on "preparedness planning" for the very same thing; here, and here, the talk is 'three shots' for Americans. Next in line for the mystery brew for the mystery flu just may be...you!

This global mystery/swine flu saga grows more bizarre by the day. stay tuned

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