Napolitano Pushing Orwellian 'Citizen Anti-Terrorist Strategy'

follow up on: New Buzzword: 'Domestic Terrorists' 6-13-08 (see post)
US enlists citizens in anti-terrorism strategy

"NEW YORK — A top US domestic security chief announced Wednesday a strategy to make ordinary citizens the first line of defense against an increasingly multi-faceted terrorist threat."
"Napolitano urged a "much broader society response" in which the public helps curb a growing phenomenon of so-called home-grown terrorism."
""There's actually an important role we can play in educating even our very young about watching for, and knowing what to do...""
re: 'much broader society response'
Do you believe? U.S. Secretary of the Department of American Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (pictured above) would like you to believe that not only are the foreign terrorists coming after us, but that there is now a "growing phenomenon of...home-grown terrorism" and that time has come for the public to get involved, including "educating even our very young" in the finer points of some Big Brother theology i.e a "much broader society response".

It's open Orwellianism anymore folks, 2009. Be very concerned. see also: Ominous Congressional Legislations Targeting 'Domestic Terrorists' Advancing 7-5-09
compare: Chicago, NYC Start New Citizen Spy Programs 9-10-08
Over The Top UK Police State: Global Prototype? 9-6-08 "Children aged eight enlisted as council snoopers"

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