Global 'Pandemic' Update: Schoolchildren, Health Care Workers, Pregnant Women Targeted For First Injections

update on: Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda Campaign Targeting Schools 6-21-09 (see post)
Swine flu vaccine guidelines coming Wednesday ajc.com

Georgia officials are eagerly awaiting a federal committee’s recommendations Wednesday on which groups should be the first to receive swine flu vaccine.

The committee’s actions are expected to largely reflect the guidance that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently sent to state governments, which recommend that priority be given to schoolchildren, pregnant women and health care workers.

The federal government has determined that vaccine will be distributed in the United States, pending the successful outcome of clinical trials that begin shortly.

“Whatever the decision is, we’ll need to talk to the school districts to discuss whether the schools will be used as vaccination sites,” said Matt Cardoza, spokesman for the Georgia Department of Education. “Based on the CDC, it does sound like school-age children will be named as a high priority group.”
re: 'the first'
The next phase is beginning. The government/wanna-be dictatorship is forging ahead with plans to literally pump you full of some sort of mystery substance.
Reading like some sort of surreal brave new world bad sci-fi plot, the Big Brother 'swine flu' agenda (see links below) is now coming with a full court press, needles in hand. This is serious stuff. Note that schoolchildren, health care workers, and pregnant women are said to be only the "first". Something is very wrong here and it is not looking good for the weeks and months ahead. Be alarmed, be informed
must see: NBC: "Massive Public Education Campaign" Coming For Swine Flu Vaccine 5-25-09 (video)
also: Swine Flu Being Used to Condition Masses To Draconian Controls 5-3-09 (video)

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