'Baphomet' Takes Over U.S. Capitol 1-6-21 Three Days After 'Amen A-Woman' Baphomet [Satan] Ritual 1-3-21

This post a follow up on: Baphomet Dedication: 117th Congress Opens 1-3-21 Prays To 'Brahma' - Ends Prayer "Amen And A-Woman"  [see video below; posted 1-3-21]
Election-Fraud Protestors 'Storm' U.S. Capitol Building 1-6-21

Three days ago 1-3-21 a little ritual was performed in the U.S. Congress. It was done in plain sight [see video below]. The world heard about it, and saw it, but did not perceive it [hidden-in-plain-sight]. The U.S. Congress was dedicated to 'Baphomet' [i.e. Satan]. Today, three days later, 1-6-21, 'Baphomet' showed up and claimed power:
U.S. Capitol 1-6-21 'Baphomet' in the seat of power - scrnshot

1-6-21 'Baphomet' celebrates conquest of U.S. Capitol

1-3-21 Baphomet ritual pt. 1 - 117th U.S. Congress opening day:

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Ritual begin 1-3-21, ritual complete 1-6-21. That something like this could happen certainly is not possible. But, no, as all the world has now seen, completion made possible by the great 2020 'Stolen Election' script. And so the show begins - Anarchy scene 1: protesters storm U.S. Capitol Building, Baphomet enthroned. Baphomet is Satan. What a script.

Clearly this was just the opening act of 'Stolen Election 2020'. Be sure of it, much more to come... stay tuned.

Dark Winter is three months. The Full Script is evident; see [video]: 'Dark Winter' Has begun- Maximum Kraken 12-21-20

pt. 2 vid - ritual

Rev. 18:4

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