1-6-21 Baphomet Ritual Takeover Washington DC @ U.S. Capitol 3-Days After 'Amen A-Woman' Baphomet Dedication

Video follow up on this post: 'Baphomet' [Satan] Takes Over U.S. Capitol 1-6-21 Three Days After 'Amen A-Woman' Baphomet Ritual 1-3-21

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Rev. 18:4


natalia frolova said...

#rtf #RestoringTheFaith
A Catholic Response to the last 72 Hours
9,943 views•Streamed live on Jan 11, 2021

This event was on the Feast of the Ephiphany, I just found out, so even more political theatre as this priest on youtube preaches. Don't believe in the downgrading of democracy of many modern catholics who unfortunately, some not all, some warn to keep away from Marian visions are waiting for the great Catholic monarch who sounds like he will be the antichrist. There are a billion Catholics in the world and Vatican II church very much downplays Mariology and unfortunately some good ways of worship and prayer, with a billion people it is impossible to say that all or most believe in anything esp after vatican II.

tom m. said...

Natalia (above comment) .. not quite sure reading your comment - are you a Catholic...and advocating Mariology and Marian visions?

Linda said...

I was brought up as a Lutheran, almost became a Catholic, love the Mass, now just watch online. Just as you warned about antipope francis and the Mormons and some of the meaning behind the burning of Notre Dame, I was warning about apostasy in the Catholic church based on visions which some on Catholic sites warn against trusting in general but only a few compared with many who believe in the Great Catholic Monarch which apparently several visions over the centuries in Marion visions which confusingly also warn of another Freemason type church growing within the Catholic church which is true. Because of the immense effort to destroy the Catholic church from within, as Bela Dodd in her testimony before the McCarthy Hearings and the insertion of so very many pedophiles and Alta Veritas (sp), The Plot Against the Church by anon priests who were at Vatican II, ---the changes of Vatican II into what is now called bitterly Novus Ordo or NO by commenters on forums, Infiltration -- 2 different books and TV and movies. with your article on the burning of Notre Dame ---and mentioning it means Our Lady-----it seemed you gave some credence to the CC if not accepting much of the doctrine and worship.

Linda said...

Many Protestants celebrate Epiphany and other Feasts of the church, or at least they did for centuries before the infiltration of the protestant churches but use slightly different terminology.

tom m. said...

re: "---it seemed you gave some credence to the CC if not accepting much of the doctrine and worship"

No, was giving no credence to the CC but just making the point that 'old world Catholicism' which the average church member had always known, was being radically transitioned into the new-order of global spirituality. Most catholics will go right along never knowing - but for some perhaps it would be a wake-up call to see that the CC church is not or never has been what they have always thought it to be. Should have elaborated a bit more on that point apparently. The CC church has never been 'scriptural' though and Vatican II is not the difference. From human priesthood (no such thing in NT church), all things Mary related - immaculate conception, assumption, queen of heaven, praying to Mary, etc., to praying to saints, various feasts etc. (and sooo much more) - which are all from the traditional catholicism - none of this has any scriptural backing at all. The truth is these all oppose scripture and are dangerous spiritual deceptions. Nothing to do with biblical Christianity.

To disprove that statement find them in scripture. That cannot be done. These Catholic practices are not scriptural but are the 'commandments of men'. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke to this. In the context the statement is directed to the jews in the NT but application could certainly be made to any religious system that is unscriptural (and there are many). He said this:

Matthew 15:9 'But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men'

One other comment you remarked "I..love the mass" - the bible instructs us what we are to love - it is the "love of the truth" - 2 Thes. 2:10

As already stated the 'sacrifice of the mass' is not truth. It is against Christ actually (anti-christ) - the 'priest' killing him again and again. 2 Thes. 2:10 is actually a warning. You can think about these things perhaps.

Rev. 18:4