All Italy Masks Everywhere - "Only Stricter Rules" Coming 10-8-20 .. Plan-demic No Return (WHO) -- They Live 2025  [Vid]

Follow up on: Italy Masks Outdoors Now Mandatory Entire Country -- Global Corona Scam Where Are The Sick People? 10-7-20 "Force the masks or the scam comes to a grinding halt. See any sick people? No sick people anywhere. Any people dropping in the streets? No people dropping anywhere. Of course not because the virus is pure fiction - exists only by endless msm-propaganda mindlessly recited by msm mind-controlled bots ...and forced wearing of masks to keep the delusion-illusion always 'in your face'. Just that simple. Be very aware they have no Plan 'b'. This IS the plan and they are going all the way with it to the bitter end..."

Corona-Fiction Plandemic Italy Mandatory Masks Everywhere... Only Stricter Rules Coming - Past The Point Of No Return October 2020

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That's why it's called it a "plan-demic". Everything according to a precise plan. No relaxing of measures. Only stricter rules. All regions fall in line. Keep doing the next thing. No let up. Keep it going without a break. Country by country. The whole earth. Zio-kingdom-kome here we kome fake-virus-r-us all the live-long day.


Rev. 18:4
Habbakuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city* by iniquity!'  [*false Zion aka zwo - link]

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DW docu. Climate crisis:europes melting glaciers. 27 mins. Choi