Trump Acts-Out Antichrist Rev. 13:6 -- 'World Leader' Cursing God Openly NC 7-17-19; Ordo Ab Chao Alert 11-3-20

Reposted as the charade of the 11-3-20 make-believe-election and it's aftermath is just about to come upon the USA and world - with the outcome/aftermath certain: an ordo-ab-chao super event - via mail-in balloting 'vote-counting' mega-disaster/crisis - by all indications that is. Get some popcorn and sit back it's gonna be the most perversely-twisted soap-opera ever seen to date. ZNWO cui bono of course. USA go bye-bye what else? They are done with it that is the reality 2020. All in on it together. 777-Trump [link] fully vested think not otherwise for half a second:
This has to be the first time in "modern history" that the most powerful political figure in the world has stood up in his position and openly cursed the LORD God Almighty - see: Rev. 13:6  [note: video not censored]

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Related article: Trump called out by some Christians for using ‘Lord’s name in vain’ at fiery NC rally 7-18-19 "One state senator in West Virginia was so offended that he sent a letter of rebuke to the White House Thursday, pointing out Trump’s ”terrible choice of words“ during the Greenville rally ... “There is no place in society — anywhere, any place and at any time — where that type of language should be used or handled. Your comments were not presidential,” he wrote..."  [note use of word "fiery" in article title]

Revelation 13:5-6 'And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven'

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