CA Passes SB-179 "Gender 'Dissolution' Act" - Gender 'X' Legal All Documents: Sheeple Not Persons Just Minions

Follow up on: Oregon First State To Legalize 'Gender-X' On Drivers Licenses - CA Looks To Be Next 6-15-17 "Oregon might not be alone for long: In January, California lawmakers introduced a bill that would add a third gender option to licenses, as well. Senate Bill 179 passed the Senate on May 31 and awaits a vote in the House. If it goes through, California would be the first state to enact a new gender category through legislation..." [see post]
California To Add Official Non-Binary Gender “X” Option

SB 179 states “The binary gender designations of female and male fail to adequately represent the diversity of human experience.

Generally, when it comes to birth certificates, driver’s licenses and state identification, individuals must select either “M” for male or “F” for female. Now, California is changing the rules and adding a third option— which will most likely be known as “X”.

The bill, SB 179, will take effect September 1, 2018. Called the Gender Recognition Act, the act will amend California’s Civil Code of Procedure, which states that an individual may reapply for a new birth certificate only after they have undergone surgical gender reassignment procedures. The amendment eliminates this prerequisite.

California will be the first state in the nation to officially (on paper) recognize non-binary gendered individuals. However, Oregon is similarly adding a nonbinary option just for state driver’s licenses this coming June. The state of California is following the example of countries including Germany, New Zealand, and India, which all have instated inclusive nonbinary representation.

re: 'Gender Recognition' Act

Note: CA SB 179 is a first-ever. 'Gender-Robbing' not brought about by way of judicial or appointed committee decree, as in every other instance, but through the legislative process. Which of course is absolutely controlled left to right top to bottom so in reality there is no difference between legislative-activism and appointed committee or activist-judge decrees, but on paper only. At any rate do not miss the obviously intentional mockery of calling CA SB 179 the "Gender Recognition" Act. Recognizing gender? Could anything be any more falsely labeled. The answer is a resounding no. There is no 'recognizing' of anything going on here, but the exact opposite. And again, it can be seen only as purposely done, as a mocking, as an in-your-face joke - for the Zwo-Antichrist-ers know exactly what they are doing. Namely forcing on the populations of the world, no 'Gender Recognition' anything, but a diabolical dehumanizing scheme which they have devised, which can rightly only be called the "Gender Dissolution" Act.

Which very thing was the topic of this year-old post pinpointing the exact and very simple sole purpose of this absolutely Satanic gender-robbing ZNWO agenda:

*Canada May Legalize 'X' As Gender For ID Cards - And Evil ZWO Plan to 'X-Out' People, Make Minions 7-6-16 "Male female or Gender X. Males are XY, females are XX. Presumably as the thing men and women have in common is the X this must be the reason for naming the new category of 'whatever' with a single X... Or from another angle, it is purposely intended, novus-ordo-seclorum style, to begin officially designating the masses of 'sheeple', so to speak, as 'non-persons'... by 'X'-ing them out ... X-ing out their personhood so as to transform 'the masses' into the class of androgynous global minions - per the would-be pseudo-zion kingdom-kome master plan [link]...Not a person anymore, just a minion [link], i.e. an 'X'... [see post]
Rev. 18:4
Mark 10:6 '...God made them male and female'

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