Ordo-Ab-Chao Election 2016 Latest: Major 'Birther' Lawsuit Pending For Cruz Says Trump

Follow up on: 'Ordo Ab Chao' Election 2016: Phil. 3:20 'This World Is Not My Home' - No "Polis" Or Politics Here For A Real Christian 4-13-16 "As far as presidential so-called elections go, without question it is safe to say that never has the USA witnessed such an obvious production of 'purposeful ordo-ab-chao' as is presently underway with the Bernie Hillary Trump Cruz show. Supposed Clinton criminal e-mail activity, to endless purposely-outlandish Trump-isms supposedly turning the entire Republican 'establishment' against him, to, after Obama having set the Constitution-defying precedent 8-yrs back, a now open flaunting of non-natural born citizenship with Canadian born of Canadian parents Cruz..." [see post]
'Ordo Ab Chao' Election 2016. How bad is it? Ridiculously bad. Impossible to see the whole thing as anything other than an intentional mockery actually. For example, quoting the above: "after Obama having set the Constitution-defying precedent 8-yrs back, a now open flaunting of non-natural born citizenship". On that, the screenshot below reveals how just far removed from reality this entire 2016 so-called presidential-election has been taken. Ordo ab chao all the way - in this instance starring Ted Cruz, as reported, nowhere even close to 'natural born', which fact is flagrantly ignored, even with supposed SCOTUS case pending, which obviously will either also be ignored, or, if it were to get the scripted go-ahead, would then just be used to inject even more 'chao' i.e. confusion into the overall charade [see below*]. They do after all still have another six months or so of air-time to fill up before November:

screenshot source: WRH
*This quote is from the article linked in the above screenshot reporting on the possible SCOTUS case Trump apparently was alluding to:

[source] "Various lawsuits have been filed against Cruz challenging his eligibility to run for president, but one has stood out above the rest. As reported by Law Newz earlier this month, a lawsuit filed by Walter Wagner, a resident from Utah, has had his lawsuit appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. While the lawsuit has not been heard, and could very well be denied, it's "officially on the court docket for consideration to be heard." Cruz's legal team has until May 5 to respond to the legal action."
Oh the suspense...what oh what is going to happen? Answer - exactly what has been scripted. Where is the 'off' switch anyway?

No 'polis' here believer - none at all. And praise the LORD for that!
 Rev. 18:4

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