Believer, Evil Men Are Waxing Worse - But Continue Thou In The Things Which Thou Hast Learned; 2Tim. 3:13-14

2Timothy 3:13 'But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived'

Always look upon wicked men under those names and notions which the Scripture describes them, such as:

lions for their fierceness,   Ps. 22:13
bears for their cruelty,   Pr. 28:15
dragons for their hideousness,   Deut 32:33
dogs for their filthiness,   Phil. 3:2
wolves for their subtleness,   Ezek. 22:27
scorpions, vipers, thorns, briars,   Ezek. 2:6
thistles, brambles, stubble, dirt,   Malachi 4:1
chaff, dust, dross, smoke, scum.   Isa. 5:24

You may know well enough what is within them, by the apt names which the Holy Spirit has given them. By looking upon them under those names and notions that the Scripture sets them out by, may preserve the soul from frequenting their company and delighting in their society. Such monsters are wicked men—which should render their company to all who have tasted of the sweetness of divine love, a burden and not a delight. Thomas Brooks (1608-1680)

Believer: 2Timothy 3:14 'But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of...'


Christsfreeservnt said...

Tom, Thank you!

Christsfreeservnt said...

Tom, I have a question for you. A fellow blogger made the following comments to me and recommended the following preacher, too, but part of this just doesn't feel right, mainly the part about our hearts yearning for God all the way down to our DNA.

So, if you wouldn't mind reading this and letting me know if anything about this doesn't sound right to you, I would appreciate it. Also, if you know anything about this preacher, I would appreciate that, too, if you could give me any insight. I have not yet checked out the link she shared with me. This is what she said:

"To know that we are chosen by him is profound in an of itself. Chosen ever before we thought to make him Lord. This just tells you that all the way down to our DNA our hearts yearn for him!"

"There is a deep longing for us to have a relationship with the Father, all the way down to our DNA and what holds us together. We are truly known only through the eyes of our creator. I am going to post a sermon by Louie Giglio I believe you’ll enjoy and be even more in awe of the father!" https://youtu.be/atUGBua2AzE

Again, I appreciate any help you can offer me with this. It could be I am just not understanding what she is saying the way she is saying it, but it sounds like she is saying that our hearts yearn for God before we are even aware of God just by the mere fact that we, who believe in Jesus Christ, were chosen by God before the foundation of the world.

tom m. said...

Giglio ( 'gigolo' of the spirit of antichrist is the thought that comes to mind when i hear that name) is a known purveyor of dangerous new-age type heresy. 'God in our DNA' makes us actually 'gods' ourselves ... is where the 'God-DNA' teching goes. Benny Hinn used to preach we are 'little gods'. The Jews believe and are taught from childhood, from the Talmud and kabbalah, that they have a 'divine spark' in them and that they, the jews, and no others, because of their 'divine spark', are in fact "equal to god". This is actually where the jewish supremacist mindset comes from. The God-DNA lie of Giglio and others introduces the same concept to the 'christian circles'. It is total delusion. Man is god, becoming god, etc. The fellow-blogger you quoted needs to be strongly corrected - if she will receive it. (and her Giglio video recommendation rejected)

some resources for research (as always endorsement of authors/websites not implied - for research):



Rev. 18.4

Christsfreeservnt said...

Tom, Thank you so much, again. That is most helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question and to address my concern.