New "World Panel" Lays Out New Global Rules For Banks; aka Basel III

Follow up on: One World Economy Coming Out Party: Fourth G20 World Economic Summit Calls For "Unity" and Development Of "Framework" 6-27-10 "...we must work and act together...begin to develop a framework..." [see post, follow links]
World Panel Backs Rules to Avert Banking Crises

BASEL, Switzerland —Top central bankers and bank regulators agreed Sunday on far-reaching new rules for the global banking industry...
Financial authorities from 27 countries reached agreement on rules that require banks to raise the amount of common equity they hold to 7 percent of assets from 2 percent, part of a series of measures intended to help avert crises of the kind that nearly plunged the world into depression in late 2008.
The recommendations by the group, which includes Ben S. Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, are subject to ratification by the G-20 nations later this year and then enactment by individual nations before they become binding.
The group set a deadline of Jan. 1, 2013, for member nations to put the rules, known as Basel III, into place.
re: "a series of measures"

When and how is it that suddenly there is something called a "world panel" with the ability to decide economic policy for the "global banking industry". And exactly when and how is it that the banking systems of the sovereign nations of the world suddenly became no longer independent but merely part of a global system, being dictated to by some kind of a self-appointed world banking authority?

Oh, that's right. It has come about through "a series of measures" instituted wholly in response to the fake 'global financial crisis' in "late 2008".

One of those measures included the creation of what is being called the G20. The G20 has had four meetings so far and finished off their last meeting [6-'10] by agreeing to the "development of a framework" for their new baby (Basel?), the global banking behemoth which is rising up from the ashes of the old.
Basel III, with it's "far-reaching new rules" looks to be the beginning of that framework.
Pure ordo ab chao. They let it work it's black magic...and presto change-o...take financial control of the world, aka 666 . You are watching it. It is bible prophecy - book of Revelation, beginning to materialize before your eyes.
Laodicean Christians with your lamps burned out, it's time to go and "buy for yourselves" some oil [Matt. 25:9; see The Midnight Cry Matt. 25:1-13 ]. Don't put it off. Tomorrow could be too late. Rev. 18:4
compare a couple of other "measures" in the "series":
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Acts 4:26 'The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ'

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