Obama's Wife Directing National Restaurant Association? Tells Them Change Menus To "Combat Childhood Obesity"

Update on: Michelle Obama Says Childhood Obesity A National Security Threat; and Globalism 2-10-10 "First Lady Michelle Obama announced the launch of the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to end childhood obesity in the United States, an epidemic she said is costly and a threat to national security."
First lady asks restaurants to serve healthy foods
WASHINGTON – First lady Michelle Obama is prodding the nation's restaurants to add more healthy options to menus, label those items more prominently and market nutritious foods to kids.
Speaking to the National Restaurant Association on Monday, Mrs. Obama pleaded with restaurants small and large to take a little butter or cream out of their dishes, use low fat milk and provide apple slices or carrots as a default side dish on the kids' menu.
Mrs. Obama said that Americans are spending half their food dollars outside the home and eating a third of meals in restaurants. She asked the restaurants to rethink the food they offer and reformulate their menus to help combat childhood obesity.
"We have to do more, we have to go farther, and we need your help to lead this effort," she told the restaurateurs and executives.
re: "help combat childhood obesity"
Plain and simple, here you have government intruding into private business, using in this case as a ploy the so-called "national security threat" of "childhood obesity", aka Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.
"We have to do more, we have to go farther, and we need your help" was the gist of her message to the National Restaurant Association. While some would commend the effort to, for example, exchange 'greasy' french fires for carrot sticks, the reality of what this is about is something else entirely:
"Childhood obesity as an excuse creates numerous opportunities for globalists to get in the door and take control - in schools, in the health field, in food production, and more. Once in, they network everything to be under their control and then weave it into the overall system. It is global government, plain and simple." [quoted from 'update' article above; see post]
In other words, this is communitarianism under construction. Another name for that is global dictatorship. Using 'childhood obesity', The NWO now has their foot in the door and is laying the groundwork for control of another industry. "We have to do more". No doubt that is exactly what will happen.
The other Obama recently signed an EO to lay a foundation for Big Brother intervention in the lives of the 'unhealthy': New Obama Executive Order: Mandated "Lifestyle Behavior Modification" For Those Who "Do Not Exhibit Healthy Behavior" 6-13-10
What is being done here on both counts should be as alarming as it is insidious, but few can see. Be informed.

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