Europe Wiped Out By Asteroid In Latest NASA Simulation No Stopping It -- Prepping World For Fake Asteroid Strike Continues

Meteorite destruction - imminent. The reports of alleged incoming 'space-rocks' now endless, one after another, non-stop. And they just keep getting more fantastic. This is a new thing, unheard of till recent years. And there is only one conclusion possible: the world is being prepped for an event - a big event - geoengineered. Knowing that, charting some of this 'incoming' propaganda seems worth doing. Meteorites anytime anywhere - it's the new normal ...Was there a bright light streaking across the sky and then a huge explosion? Yesserie everybody in the world that was definitely a meteor/asteroid sure as can be. Trust you us we would not fake anything like this to condition people to believe unquestioningly that things flying through the sky and exploding are meteorites/asteroids, and to then believe that it was just pure coincidence if one of these times say an entire geographic region gets wiped out and Agenda 21 goals are furthered. No no we would not do that..not us..
Earth defenceless against 'city-killer' asteroid that could wipe out Europe, NASA finds

The Earth would be defenceless against a “city-killer” asteroid, according to worrying new research.

NASA ... has just completed a four-day simulation to rehearse the global response to a major asteroid threat. The conclusions from the 7th IAA Planetary Defence Conference make for unsettling reading ...as the fictitious “2021 PDC” drew closer to the Earth it came clearer that it would hit an area near the border of 3 countries: Germany, Czech Republic and Austria, smashing into the Earth at some 34,000 miles per hour. Czech capital Prague was on the edge of the zone where the damage was expected to be “unsurvivable” according to the experts, but the longer-term damage – both to the climate and the world economy – would have been of a scale unprecedented in history.

The team of experts was given a deliberately short timeline – the asteroid was due to cross Earth’s orbit just six months after it was first detected – in order to test world governments’ current level of preparedness.

Even if we could have launched a kinetic impactor spacecraft like DART in the tabletop exercise scenario,” she added, “we might have been too late to really steer it off course.”

Lindley Johnson, NASA's planetary defence officer, [said that the real problem is] that "we've only found about a third of the population of asteroids that are out there that could represent an impact hazard to the Earth." DART team member Mallory DeCoster added that we “really need to find and track more asteroids” to prevent this chilling rehearsal becoming a real disaster.*

*Reading carefully what is reported by NASA the message is plain: imminent doom possible planet earth via 'citykiller space rock' - believe it because we say so. Not only the part about six months advance notice not being sufficient to divert a 'known' incoming asteroid, but especially that last part about "...we've only found about a third of the population of asteroids that are out there that could represent an impact hazard to the Earth" ... meaning 'oh no' this "chilling rehearsal" we've just concocted could happen at any moment any-city anywhere by some 'unfound' unseen "asteroids". Right out of nowhere and boom out go the lights. It's the new-normal humanoids - blame it on an asteroid -- are you prepped yet:
Fake-Meteorite Strike Coming Soon - They Tell It Everyday: Chelyabinsk To Greenland 'Citykiller' PSYOP


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See list of other recent notable 'asteroid threats':

4-14-21  Unknown 'Space Rock' Skimmed Earth April 12th Says NASA -- PSYOP Preparing Public For Fake-Meteorite Strike Non-Stop

3-10-21  "This latest [3-'21] 'incoming' meteorite-propaganda especially noteworthy and revealing. Revealing numerology that is, being stamped with a double illuminati/kaballa 'low-unholy' number '33' ...Making this one as abvious as could be: Huge Explosion Over VT A 'Meteor' Says NASA - 33 Miles High, 33 Miles Through Atmosphere:

Meteor over Vermont exploded so "violently," it shook buildings "A fireball traveling at 42,000 miles per hour streaked across the night sky above Vermont on Sunday night [3-7-21], creating a spectacular light show. The meteor "fragmented so violently," it shook buildings across the state and produced a loud boom, NASA said. NASA said on Facebook that over 100 eyewitnesses reported details of the meteor in Vermont around 5:38 p.m. ET. It first appeared about 52 miles above Mount Mansfield State Forest, moving 33 miles through the upper atmosphere, before burning up 33 miles above Beach Hill, in Orleans County..."

2-10-21  Keeping it going - 7 in 6 wks. says NASA: Fake Meteorite-Strike PSYOP Latest: Seven Asteroids In Six Weeks Says NASA - Huge And Close 2-10-21 "NASA is warning of a slew of asteroids [7] headed Earth’s way in the coming days and weeks, some coming between us and the moon, with others measuring roughly the same size as the Golden Gate Bridge... Lest anyone get too comfy, in March (3-21-21) NASA is warning of the Golden Gate Bridge-sized asteroid..."

New for 2021 was this one: 12-31-20  NASA has warned that a monstrous 220-meter asteroid is headed Earth’s way early in the new year ..in the first days of January, three additional, small Near Earth Objects (NEOs) will grace the Earth with their presence, for a brief time. But the biggie will come on January 3, as the relatively mountainous 2003 AF23, measuring an impressive 220m in diameter or about as wide as the Golden Gate Bridge is tall, will shoot past at 6.9* million kilometers"  [*note: 6.9 the as-above-so-below number]

November 2020 was this fantastic 'near-miss': Meteorite PSYOP Latest: 'Closest Ever' (world-record) Near-Miss Friday The 13th [11-13-20] 11-13-20  "A disturbing new record for the closest asteroid flyby of the Earth has been set, after a space rock named 2020 VT4 came within 400 kilometers (250 miles) of the planet on Friday the 13th. And our planetary defenses missed it. The asteroid was spotted by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) survey at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii some 15 hours after it made its close approach from our sun-facing blind spot."

Rev. 18:4
Micah 2:1 'Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand'

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