Sydney Powell Vows To "Clean Up" Biden 'Election-Fraud' - Translate: Get Ready For Ordo-Ab-Chao Dark Winter [Vid]

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Above video a follow-up on this previous [10-21-20] post:

Trump Acts-Out Antichrist Rev. 13:6 -- 'World Leader' Cursing God Openly NC 7-17-19; Ordo Ab Chao Alert 11-3-20 10-21-20 "...charade of the 11-3-20 make-believe-election and it's aftermath is just about to come upon the USA and world - with the outcome/aftermath certain: an ordo-ab-chao super event - via mail-in balloting 'vote-counting' mega-disaster/crisis - by all indications that is. Get some popcorn and sit back it's gonna be the most perversely-twisted soap-opera ever seen to date. ZNWO cui bono of course. USA go bye-bye what else? They are done with it that is the reality 2020. All in on it together..." [see full post/vid]

Looks like it's almost showtime people - referring to the "ordo-ab-chao alert" in the title of the linked-post just above --- Prior to the 11-3-20 election, 2nd so-called debate, Biden spoke about a "Dark Winter" ahead. What secret message he was relaying has been the subject of much speculation. It's starting to look like, in part at least, it being a reference to some pre-planned Election 2020 ordo-ab-chao... very likely like nothing ever seen. Going right into the winter months, leading right up to the January inauguration date. By all appearances, by how this looks like it is is being set up that is, a big show, even a very big show, is on the way...

But what about the 'election'? Did Biden really steal it, and if so can Trump stop the fraud... and and and...? Reality of the whole thing could not be more plain. It's all a script people. Always is. Everything. This make-believe election is no different. Gullible John Q. Public is getting played. There is no election. There never was an election. There is only a plan. They are all in on it together. Tag team. One goal only.. would-be zio-kingdom-kome [link]. Note: that is not the USA. The USA is not in that plan. Not hard to understand what that means. And, the 'ZKK' won't build itself now will it? Ordo ab chao is the only way it gets done, and in this case it looks like a "Dark Winter", with, for one, aboslutely crazy election-chaos, is the plan. Gonna get wild in the coming months in other words... seems to be the only way to interpret the things being done and said. We'll find out ...stay tuned - they're building the suspense right now. Setting it all up for huge reaction when it goes primetime - which it has not yet, because a huge move is to be the result of the plan. The Dark Winter plan. If that is in fact the 'secret' message Biden was sending.

Dark Winter and rise of the Dark Knight? - ties all the way back to Aurora 2012 [link]. Just a thought.

Rev. 18:4


Linda said...

the following endtimes site needs much discernment but israeli newspaper confirming some of article :




tom m. said...

..i'm familiar with that site (nteb) - it is heavily 'judaized', including some 'unique spins' put on the eschatology-interpretations (but presented as if they are actually 'standard'); among other issues the author also promotes AA (which is actually anti Christ; see: AA not for Christians

The third link for instance "Biden ..anti-semitic ..anti-Israel" -- this is a total farce article, and shows the agenda of the site, pushing a particular 'judaized' narrative. Biden is a zionist puppet, avowed [link]. Trump also dances on the end of the strings held by the same hand. Heads we win, tails you lose - all are in on it together.

The site has a definite agenda - discern, beware.. and go from there

Rev. 18:4

Linda said...

I agree with you about this site, don't like the shofars on front page and the issues you mention. where to go for news? this site just had a comment with another article about trump and Iran that said that the purported head of Iran's nuclear program had been assassinated recently and linked to Times of Israel which I didn't look at, dislike going to Israeli newspapers but do occasionally to see what is happening.