Fake Covid About One Thing - Medical Authoritarianism: Make You Property Of 'The State'; And Masks

Corona A Psyop Proven By Hidden Message In Name COVID: Certificate Of Vaccination ID ...Medical Authoritarianism

[excerpted]  Medical authoritarianism. Starts with forced testing, which then leads to "contact tracing", meaning more forced testing, which involves home invasion should there be resistance. Any forced medical procedure, done against the will of a person, is medical authoritarianism. It is 'The State' declaring control of your person...

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Forcing medical procedures like forced virus-testing is just the opening of the door. Once that precedent for forced medical procedures is established, as is now being done, it is by design intended to lead to complete control of all 'medical decisions' for all individuals. This clearly is the plan. Forced testing leading to forced vaccine. One vaccine leads to all vaccines - then yearly. Soon it becomes 'total care', from forced psych-evals, to who gets what medical procedure based on 'value to society', etc. all the way to ultimately euthanasia...

Medical authoritarianism - it is a key component of the overall Zio-global agenda [link] -- they make every medical decision for every person birth to death - because they own every 'person'. Like a herd of cattle - this is the satanically-deluded mindset of the would-be overlords of the planet earth...

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*One more point to consider about this overall - the question of masks. A lot of theories on the reason of forced masks...but the bottom line is actually very simple - and it is this: without forcing masks the fake pandemic would be impossible to keep going. If there were no masks the grand illusion of the 'invisible virus' [see: Trump genius-virus (vid)] could never be continued and the massive agenda to establish 'medical authoritarianism' on a global scale would grind to a halt. It is just that simple. Gotta keep 'em wearing masks. Delusion and illusion the whole thing see right through it.

Rev. 18:4

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