Trump Signs Executive Order Authorizing Call-Up Of One Million Reservists To 'Fight Coronavirus' - "If Necessary"

Trump authorizes DoD, DHS to call up reservists to fight virus

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday giving the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security the authority to activate the ready reserve components of the armed forces to support the nationwide response to the coronavirus.

The executive order provides DoD and DHS — which oversees the Coast Guard — emergency authority to order to active duty as many as 1 million members of the ready reserves. However, it is not an order to do so.

- the order would allow the U.S. to mobilize medical, disaster and emergency response personnel to help fight the virus.


777 Trump - the self-proclaimed snake with "vicious bite" - vid link

Snake-biting martial law by imaginary invisible germ.

(Up to one million - if deemed necessary - now enabled) - fyi

Rev. 18:4

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