Security Robots That Confront People Being Tested At LaGuardia Airport NY - Privately Funded; Dystopia Now

Knightscope by name:
Big Blue Security Robot Raises Eyebrows At LaGuardia Airport

A big blue security robot is raising eyebrows at LaGuardia Airport. LaGuardia Gateway Partners say the robot is there to patrol Terminal B.

“I’ve never seen one before,” one woman told CBS2’s Dave Carlin. “I like it. He’s cute.”

“Cute” is up for debate. The robot rolls right up to people and stops. Just looking at it, you know it’s a security robot. It says so.

It has four cameras, microphones and sensors...It has some fans, but some people say it invades their space, Carlin reported.

Whether the robot contains facial recognition software or license plate reading technology isn’t being confirmed by LGP. A representative says no taxpayer money is being spent on it, it’s privately funded and in the testing phase.


This 2nd video [5:09] is worth viewing - gives a good sense of what this bot-control is already looking like [scrolling text video - no audio; note: some language]

Above report is a follow up on this post from just one year ago:

4-27-17 'Robocop' Era Hath Begun: 6' Tall 400lb Robots To Police Malls In NY, Massachusetts; 16 Cities Signed On "The Knightscope K5 [the model used at LaGuardia] is a 400-pound, 6-foot tall autonomous security robot that roves parking lot aisles, the hallways of office campuses, sports stadium foyers, and shopping malls on the prowl for suspicious activity... it packs sensors like a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) array and cameras that help it differentiate between a harmless passerby and potential criminal, and it feeds all that data to the cloud...Knightscope...says it is officially signed up to patrol malls in New York and Massachusetts, with nearly two dozen accounts set up across 16 cities this year...' ---- 'very, very, quickly'...is how fast this is going to catch on, and spread everywhere, according to the co-founder and VP of the new 'Knightscope' robocops - that instantaneously scan and ID anything and everything, including your cell phone...and what about those new rfid-chip credit cards...and log it all and store it up in 'the cloud'. And how long before they decide to 'arm' this new robocop police force (1yr., 2yrs., 3 yrs?), maybe humanize their appearance, and/or maybe make them in different sizes - like xl or xxl? 10' tall humanoid robocops out on the city streets? Robocop co-founder lady is already talking about meeting up with 'mayors'..." [see post]
It's only been one year since these things were formally brought into the public arena. Very easy to see where this is going...

Physical bots that confront people, all the while collecting data from every person in an area, which obviously can be used to ID them - including no doubt facial recognition - is the stuff of a futuristic sci-fi totalitarian dystopian society. On that, note especially as reported in the above article, these bots at LaGuardia [JFK] airport in NY are "privately funded". Privatized control of the public - in other words.

Clearly, as the videos show, the 'futuristic' world that the private would-be dictatorial overlords of John Q. Public envision is already begun. Be well aware.

Rev. 18:4

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