HI Missile Scare A Conditioning Psyop To Push Zionist Scripted WWIII - NK & Kim Dynasty Zio-Created 1945

Hawaii accidentally on-purpose sends out a 'incoming missile' alert? Does not get any more pathetic. Obvious conditioning exercise i.e. psyop for all the world, designed to reinforce the supposed realness of the fake NK-nuke-threat, further preparing the world for the coming orchestrated WWIII. NK is a Zionist entity, created for one purpose only, to serve the Zionist-agenda. Anything to do with NK is part of the production to bring about the Zio-agenda - it could not be any more plain to see. That agenda, of course, the next phase that is, being the collapse of the existing world system via the scripted WWIII*, upon which the long-planned Zio-Kingdom-Kome is to then rise from the ashes to rule over all the earth. The 'North Korea' role in this was the topic of previous posts. Below is one of those (excerpts - see full @ link). With the origin of NK understood (if just that much it is enough) - seeing the (fake) NK-nuke hype for exactly what it is - is very easy:

[reposted]   9-26-17 - Kim Jong-un The Grandson: North Korea, US, Israel, Russia...All Zionist, All In On It Together - Fake Gog Magog

North Korea, Kim Jong-un, Trump, world on the brink of a nuclear confrontation. The whole thing is a stage managed production - the topic of the below post. Note ... this fact on the actual beginning of the DPRK in 1948, quoted from an 8-17-17 BBC article on the History of North Korea, and the implications of that fact with regard to this present hour of world history. Add that to what is stated in the [rest of the] post on NK for fuller understanding of the NK 'ordo ab chao' agenda:

"1948 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea proclaimed, with Kim Il-sung installed as leader. Soviet troops withdraw" [source]

"Kim Il-sung was 'appointed' (Zionist-appointed) as the first 'ruler' of the new entity named 'North' Korea in 1948. The Kim family has maintained a dynasty since that beginning. First ruler Kim Il-sung died in 1994. The son, Kim Jong-il, then took over and 'ruled' from 1994 until his death in 2011. On 12-29-11 Kim Jong-un, the grandson, became the current "Supreme Leader" of North Korea - who now 2017 supposedly is bringing the world to the very brink of destruction - unless of course the USA/Israel stop him, even though this could ultimately mean - that's right - WWIII. Hold on though. It was Zionist US-Israel-Russia that created the 'Kim dynasty'. Split Korea into North and South post-WWII and put the 'Kim' family in power. Obviously then, now with 'Jong-un', the Kim grandson, no control of North Korea has ever been relinquished by it's Zionist creators. That would not make any sense at all would it. NK was manufactured from the start for a purpose, there can be be no question that purpose has and is being fulfilled exactly as planned from the start to this very moment in history, which was the subject of this [previous post]:"

"Think North Korea is not also 'in on it' [i.e. fake Gog-Magog WWIII]. Think again. NK was 'invented' at the close of WWII by Zionist Russia and Zionist USA. Did not exist before that. Purpose seems likely to have been to conduct a totalitarian test-lab. Practice for when they (according to plan) Zio-Totalitarian the entire planet. Secondarily to have a 'scary' enemy to help launch the scripted-WWIII - the means to the end - designed to collapse completely the existing world order and then rise the ZKK Zio-Kingdom-Kome [link; link2] phoenix from the ashes. Do the research." [see post]

"For reference: "History of North Korea": "Following Japan’s defeat in 1945 [WWII] the Soviet Union and United States agreed to split the post-war control of the Korean peninsula between themselves. On August 10, 1945 two young U.S. military officers drew up a line demarcating the U.S. and Soviet occupation zones at the 38th parallel. The divide should have been temporary, a mere footnote in Korea’s long history, but the emergence of the Cold War made this a seminal event. Seeking to ensure the maintenance of their respective influences in Korea, the U.S. and USSR installed leaders sympathetic to their own cause, while mistrust on both sides prevented cooperation on elections that were supposed to choose a leader for the entire peninsula. The United States handed control over the southern half of the peninsula to Syngman Rhee, while the Soviet Union gave Kim Il-sung power over the north. In 1948, both sides claimed to be the legitimate government and representative of the entire Korean people..."

"Zionist Russia + Zionist USA = Zionist North Korea. That is the only possible solution to the math  [see: Zio-Russia (1917)]."

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Taking everything to new levels now. Whatever the case, be informed not Zio-deluded.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 28:14-18 'Wherefore hear the word of the LORD, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem...thus saith the Lord GOD...your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand'   [Isaiah 28:14-15,16-18]

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