Government Shutdown Over - 3 Days Long Ends On The 22nd - Another '322' Ritual In Other Words

This post a follow up on: Historic 1st-Ever 1-Party Govt. Shutdown On 777-Trump 1st Anniversary 1-20-18 - Ordo-Ab-Chao Is "The Plan" 1-20-18 "The government is shut down under one-party rule for the first time in history..." -- Trump anniversary #1 - 1 year to the day - the 1st-ever 1-party government shutdown in the history of the USA. Ones everywhere. Author of the 'related article' quoted directly above remarks along the idea of that saying "you can't make this stuff up" - but in reality, what else can it be. Numerology and manufactured ordo-ab-chao is the only way the Zio-Washington-ites do anything - ever. A first-ever never-happened-before brand-new ordo-ab-chao episode of Chaos to mark 777-Trump's #1 anniversary is as scripted a thing as could ever be. [see post]
House and Senate pass bill to reopen government

The House followed the Senate in passing legislation to reopen the government after a weekend-long shutdown 266-150. The Senate vote was 81-18. The measure now goes to President Trump Monday night for his signature, enabling the government to reopen for business Tuesday morning.

The bill funds the government through Feb. 8, extends the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years, and delays three Obamacare taxes. The House also concurred with a Senate resolution to pay federal workers through the shutdown.

Government shutdown Saturday the 20th - Sunday the 21st - Monday the 22nd

...reopens Tuesday the 23rd.

Yes that is 3 days closed - yes the third and last day is the 22nd. Yes that is a definite 322. Clear as can be just another staged episode of Kabala-numerology ordo ab chao. Always and only. Once again, take note.

Rev. 18:4
a few other examples: '322'

2Thes. 2:7 'For the mystery of iniquity doth already work...'

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