Amtrak Crash A '777' - Staged For Public-Private-Partnership Infrastructure Bill? Also, 777-Trump PPP's Border Control

This post is a follow up on: Trump To Turn USA Into A 'Public-Private-Partnership' - Cabinet Pick Elaine 'Chao' Reveals To Senate; Ordo Ab Chao 1-12-17 "Trump campaigned on rebuilding America's infrastructure - bridges roads etc.. Nothing was said on how this was to be funded. Now the reason for that is made clear. The plan is to "unleash" public-private-partnerships (aka Agenda 21). In other words, private money...to fund 'government' projects. "We all know that the government doesn't have the resources" says Trans-portation secretary to-be [ordo ab] Chao...so what oh what can we do? Oh oh oh...such a dilemma...well...why don't we just bring in private investors - yes yes that's it...hand it all over to 'private investors'. Private money comes with a cost though - that cost is ownership. How does a federal or a state highway, for instance, become a privately-owned highway or road or bridge? That's right - through "public-private partnership"... [see post]
Amtrak derailment: Three dead in train crash near Tacoma, Washington

[excerpted nbc-news] There were 77 passengers and seven crew members on board Train 501 of Amtrak's Cascades service that set out at 6 a.m. from Seattle headed south to Portland, Oregon, authorities said. The train was traveling on newly refurbished tracks that are part of a new route designed to offer speedier service south of Tacoma.

Washington State Police...said...the 7:33 a.m. PT crash...Five cars and a pair of trucks ['7'] were involved in the highway pileup... officials said.

Don Anderson, mayor of Lakewood, a city along the new route, said he was among many in the area concerned about the speed of the trains that would be traveling through their communities. He said he was part of an unsuccessful bid to stop the switch, or change it.

"Our community has been very concerned about the safety of this modification of the rail route for several years," Anderson told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

President Donald Trump first tweeted that the crash was a reason to support his planned infrastructure bill:

777 Amtrak train crash 11-18-17? Obviously means that the Trump
public-private-partnership infrastructure plan must begin. Ordo ab chao. Plain as day
Another staged ordo ab chao event to achieve an agenda? What else. It's all right there hidden in plain sight as can be. 77 passengers and 7 crew members - that's a clear '777' - which, as is known, is 'thee' numerology-signature for'ordo ab chao'. And then the stated time of crash which could not possibly be made any more kabbala-33-numerology obvious - 7:33. And 5 cars and 2 trucks on the road below - another '7'. And the purpose, or the agenda, in this instance - that could not be any more plain to see either - being stated by 777-Trump [link1; link2] himself virtually instantaneously. Namely pass the "infrastructure bill". Which is what? That's right...it is a massive public-private-partnership [PPP] scam [see 'follow up' linked at top] - private entities taking over government functions. Note also in the 'follow up' linked above another in-your-face clue on this infrastructure PPP topic - the name of Trump appointee and now current United States Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao who is spearheading the effort. Would that be as in '0rdo ab chao'? Does it get any more in-your-face?

But that's not all. Another public-private-partnership was announced last month [11-17-17] as seen in the below linked article - The U.S. Border Control to team up with a private firm. Note also in the article (last paragraph) the statement about the TSA already being teamed up with the same firm. Border agents and TSA agents being hired by private interests? - Sounds like the creating of a private army:

Government paying private firm $297 million to help hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents

[excerpted] With a mandate from President Trump to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents, Customs and Border Protection awarded a $297-million contract to a private company to help recruit and hire the new agents and other workers.

The scope of work in the contract requires the company to manage “the full life cycle of the hiring process” from job posting to processing new hires. The company, the agency said in an email response to questions, will augment the agency’s existing internal hiring programs. Accenture will be paid to assist hiring 5,000 Border Patrol agents, as well as 2,000 customs officers and 500 agents for the Office of Air and Marine Operations. The award was made on Nov. 17...

This is not the first time the government has hired Accenture to help meet its hiring goals. In 2016 the company won a $290-million, five-year contract to help the Transportation Security Agency [TSA] hire 8,000 to 10,000 additional workers per year.

Building the Antichrist 666 zio-kingdom-kome will by definition mean owning everything on the planet. The would-be kingdom-comers are going full bore now to pull that off...via public-private-partnerships.

Know what and why.

Rev. 18:4
See also related: 'World Leaders' - Minus Trump - Meet In Paris For "One Planet Summit" To Mark COP21 2-Yr Date, Initiate 'ClimActs' 12-12-17 "Note ... especially the emphasis on public-private partnerships to "fund" the "One Planet" agenda, defined as "fulfill our common destiny"... Private money brings private ownership of ultimately everything. Understand this you understand it all. All governments, businesses, social agencies and non-profits get plugged-in, and the 'private money' then controls it all. Worldwide. And Trump? - Trump is now the main ZWO public-private-partnership spokesman..." [see post]

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11-19-17 update/follow up: Amtrak 'Crash' Happens During Training Drill For "Exact Scenario" - Kabalist Fakery Never Stops
Isaiah 5:8 'Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!'

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