Trump Inaugural Speech Uses Line From 'Batman Dark Knight' - Confirms Hoax Election, 'Dawn/Don' Of New Order Aurora

Trump Inaugural Speech Connects Aurora, Batman - Confirming The Dawn-Trump 'New Order' Agenda

Internet gone wild with this video almost immediately after the fact. Talk about hidden-in-plain-sight...it does not get any more so than this. The probability of a verbatim quote from any Hollywood movie is zero. The probability of Trump using a line verbatim from the Batman Dark Knight movie is less than zero - if that were possible. No mistake, no coincidence could explain this happening. Can only be intentional. And if intentional then there has to be the hidden-in-plain sight message. Seems very clear that what was done here by linking to the first shown in Aurora Batman Dark Knight movie was done to kabala-konfirm the very thing discussed in this post of two months back - the dawn/Don - of the new order hath begun:

Inauguration Day Kabalist-Numerology: Trump '777', Obama '666' - 'Don' Of The New Order & Batman 11-11-16 "...another related subject, namely the ongoing Trump-Batman theme and what that was all about. Trump portraying himself as Batman was the topic of a number of posts on this blog, for example this one: 'Batman' Trump Speaks From USS Iowa Battleship 9/15/15 - Ordo Ab Chao 'Election' 2016 9-16-15 [see also: Batman 'Adam West' Trump?] -- It was from Aurora that the Batman psyop was first generated, and then carried over to numerous other events, including Trump doing a little Batman role-play himself. Aurora being the Batman-beginning is what is significant in this Trump connection. Aurora was where the premier of "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" staged-gun psyop happened. In Roman mythology Aurora is goddess of the dawn. The message of that event was clear. It was to symbolize the 'dawn' of the new order. The order of the rise of the Dark Knight; see: [Aurora 2012] ...And so there it is - the Donald Trump - Batman connection: The 'Don' (dawn) of the '777' new order...is now...say they..." [see post]
Confirmed. This is now, to the minds of the would-be zio-kingdom-comers, the 'dawn' of the new order. Where from here? See all: Trump-card

Rev. 18:4
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1John 1:6 'If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth'


Anonymous said...

Regarding Bane and Trump's line "The People" - The 1st Presidential debate 9/29/20 - both Trump and Biden had the exact same background prop which read "The People" just behind their left shoulder. The word "People" was used 163 times and "The People" was used 16 times in last night's debate.

tom m. said...

yep...sure enough

...that is interesting

Anonymous said...

Here's a tweet from Biden's running mate. "italics" mine.

Kamala Harris Tweet 8:36 PM 9/30/20

Donald Trump is weak.

He knows he can’t win if "the people" vote.

So he is throwing up every roadblock he can to suppress the vote.

We, "the people," can’t let him get away with it.

tom m. said...

..more interesting

really running with the 'Bane' theme looks like

have to watch see where they go with it