Cryptic-Message Commercials 'Good Fight', '24': 'February Will Get Nasty'; 'New Hero Clock Resets After Super Bowl'

Cryptic messages hidden in commercials - in plain sight - done always. And very few realize. Below are two current examples. On the left is a promo from a new CBS series titled 'Good Fight'. Apparently it is a spin-off from another series that had ended called 'Good Wife': "[Youtube] The Good Fight picks up one year after the events of the final broadcast episode of The Good Wife"; On the right is a promo for a sequel to the ended series '24' - which producers are calling "24: LEGACY, The Next Evolution"; both videos below with screenshots from each revealing the cryptic messages. Note the progress bar on screenshots. The message is not displayed all at once but in a progressive manner. Spliced in between lots of rapidly flashing images, with blaring sound, the average person sitting there in a TV-induced state of hypnosis is not consciously aware of these little crypto-cabala subliminal brainwashes as exampled here. Note: this type of thing is done endlessly. A messaging system even - to 'cabal' members it seems like. Continually new and changing. Note also for any interested in watching for these 'psycho-crypto' messages. The commercial imagery and the sound is itself very distracting. Muting the sound on commercials and looking just for the text makes them very evident:

It's almost February. Is it going to get worse i.e. nastier than it has already been? see: Satanic-initiation "Spirit Cooking" Script Proves 'Election 2016' Nothing More Than A Global 'Satanic Initiation' Ritual.

Not a pleasant thought. Could mean anything though.

And what about '24: Legacy, The Next Evolution'? Next evolution of what? Androgynous would-be godmen? And the 'New Hero New Day' - has to be a cryptic reference to 777-Trump and the 'dawn'/Don of the new order does it not [link]? And "the clock resetting"? - is there something big planned for the New-Day now 'dawned' after the Super Bowl? - note in video @ :32 second-mark audio says "there will be attacks all over this country - do you understand". And the name of the new show "Good Fight" - that sounds like it has some sort of intended esoteric cryptic-ness too.

Anyway, it's almost February, and it's almost the Super Bowl. Be aware, and do not be cabala cryptic-commercial brainwashed.
 Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 29:16 'When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall'

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