NWO Caste System Begins: United To Charge For Overhead Bin, No Seat Choice For Economy -2017; Trump, Sheeple

United Airlines will begin charging to use overhead bins in 2017

Want to make sure you sit next to your children on a flight? On some airlines, there’s a fee for that...Now, on United Airlines, you won’t necessarily get the use of an overhead bin, without paying more money.

As part of the company’s new pricing tier, Basic Economy passengers who purchase the airline’s cheapest fares will only be allowed one personal item that must fit under a seat. Additionally, customers will not be assigned seats until the day of departure, meaning people on the same ticket could be separated.

The move marks the first time a large U.S. airline limits low-fare customers to one carry on-bag that fits under a seat.

It was not immediately clear if United’s announcement would prompt rivals to make similar moves. Airlines have previously copied each other on pricing strategies, such as adding fees for checked luggage.


Speaking of 'sheeple'...brings to mind this post from February this year [2-'16]: 'Batman' Trump '33' Point Pre-Super Tues. Lead, And 2010 Trump 9/11 'Sheeple' Commercial 2-29-16

Youtube: "Donald Trump teams up with Serta to create a luxurious collection, Trump Home. Watch as [Trump] gives Sheep #1 a new job, let's just hope he doesn't get fired!" [Uploaded on Aug 31, 2010 (note: video vanished from yt 2017)]

TV character Bruce Wayne alias Batman was a wealthy tycoon. Trump calls himself Batman, and fits the 'Bruce Wayne' profile. All a big game. The name of the game is hide it all in plain sight, as in this 'commercial'. Trump 'Tower', 9/11 symbolism, and obvious 'sheeple' symbolism: Trump the 'savior of the sheeple' i.e. the 'dumb goyim' [:15 "you were born to do"], now playing out in real time?  [This is just the video; see full post @ link]

Goyim - sheeple - minions - human cattle. Where does Trump fit into all of this? Answer above. Much talk about Trump bringing about the demise of globalism, etc.. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ultimately, globalism, in the final practical outworking, will come down to two things. Those two things are communitarianism, and privatization.

Communitarianism: community-based global management. Herd all sheep-cattle into managed communities worldwide, which are to then be grouped into local regions, local regions then grouped into sub-regions, sub-regions then grouped into global regions, all global regions then controlled as a one-world system by the would-be 'sheep-masters of the universe'. This is commonly known as Agenda 21.

Privatization is the second thing. It is very basic to understand: They, the would-be masters of the 'sheep-cattle' - Trump now the icon - own everything, the 'sheeple' minions cattle goyim...own nothing. They are essentially just animals after all. So says the global-handbook the Jewish Talmud anyway.

Communitarianism and privatization - this is what globalism is to look like. Brexit and 'Make America Great Again'? All of that means nothing. Communitarian global communities can be organized, or grouped, any way desired. This very thing is now underway. Not until the aftermath of the scripted fake 'Gog-Magog WWIII' [link] can the job be completed though. Which is exactly the purpose for it.

Back to the posted article. This is positively nothing less than the introduction of a caste system. That being the harsh reality, United Airlines is showing that the overall plan is proceeding exactly according to schedule.
 Rev. 18:4
see also: "because you're a minion" 7-9-15
Something to note about this: The Word of God, the Holy Bible, in the OT prophecy of the Book of Daniel, gives us the exact scenario now unfolding. As the planet is privatized and communitarianized - the whole earth tread down and broken in pieces - we are told that ten kings...shall arise'. Not ten super-nations, not any specified number of communitarian global regions - could be any number, but "ten kings". Note also: no Antichrist before the ten kings [see link]. The global events the world is now witnessing - this is Jewish Zionist Antichrist [link] globalism right on schedule. Believe bible prophecy? If not, might want to reconsider that:

Dan. 7:23-24 'The fourth beast shall...shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces [and then] 'ten kings shall arise'

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