5-Yr Flashback: 2011 Jeep Commercial 'Coordinated Attacks In Europe And America' - Says WW3, Cities Bombed

Originally posted 11-25-11

[updated]  Yesterday's commercial tomorrow's news with Trump at the helm? Zionist-globalists have one goal only. It's what they call 'tikkun olam' [link; link2]. Be not 'tikkun olam-ed':

[11-25-11] New 'One-eyed' (2x) Illuminati Jeep Wrangler Commercial: "Coordinated Attacks In Europe And America"

"Coordinated attacks in Europe and America". Right at the beginning of the commercial/video, done very quickly that it is missed if the viewer is not paying close attention, and with broken phrases, you will hear this little NWO propaganda intro: "...coordinated attacks in Europe and America... insurgents... mandatory evacuations..." ...and then immediately going into scenes of destruction. Note also an identical kabbalist-illuminati signature one-eyed-curse flashed very quickly twice in this short video - at the 28 and 40 sec. marks. [see screenshot below]

Horus looking at you [0:28]
Finding the 'one-eyed-curse' kabbalist-globalist-calling-card in this commercial; a double-dose actually as mentioned above [0:28 & 0:40]; is not really necessary in order to identify this little piece of mind-manipulation as their deranged handiwork. The twisted theme of this Jeep Wrangler commercial leaves no doubt as to that fact. All the same, the eye is in there for a reason, and people need to be aware of it. That dark reason is found in their bible-of-kabbalism, and it has to do with getting into the subconscious minds of the unwary masses to, they believe, hypnotize and control them. To their mind it literally is a "hex". It is in reality all about sorcery. Kabbalism is sorcery. Because of this dark spiritual delusion-belief of hexing-hypnotizing power, they've got 'the eye' flashing everywhere and on or in everything. It's use represents the same thing as the eye on the back of the dollar bill, and the eye on the back of the dollar represents Lucifer i.e. Satan. All-seeing-eye of providence, Horus, whatever, it just simply comes down to that. Learn to catch it and block it. fyi One more thing, how long till they make this scenario happen for real? Be aware. It's a very dark world out there.
Jeep or WWIII commercial? This was unnoticed when originally posted, but watching the video again today 11-28-16 it was very apparent. The Jeep model is the MW3. Right at the end of the video [1:08] the 'M' is flipped over for just a moment to read WW3 before flipping back. Nothing without a reason - see: staged WWIII

Jeep or WWIII commercial? The Jeep model is the MW3. At the end of the video [1:08] though
the 'M' is flipped over for just a moment to read WW3 before flipping back - see: staged WWIII
Rev. 18:23 '...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived"


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