Ordo-Ab-Chao President? Trump Picks 'Chao' For Secretary Of Trans-portation

Trump expected to pick Elaine L. Chao for transportation secretary

[excerpted] President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name a Washington insider to become secretary of transportation, selecting former labor secretary Elaine L. Chao for the post.

Chao [was] named to a Cabinet post in 2001 and went on to head the Department of Labor under George W. Bush for eight years

In naming a former Cabinet member, who has been married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) since 1993, Trump selected another Washington insider after campaigning on a promise to “drain the swamp” of the influences that he said permeate the capital.

Since departing the Bush administration, Chao has served as a fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a contributor to Fox News. She served four years as president of United Way.

Before becoming politically active, Chao was a vice president of Bank of America and an international banker at Citicorp.

This post is a follow up on: Trump Inauguration '777' From Birth Date, Obama 666 - 'Don' Of The New Order & Batman 11-11-16 "Things happening precisely according to impossible numerology are clear proof that those things were purposed and produced. Election 2016 falls undeniably in this category...The impossible numerology referred to is the exact ages of both Trump and Obama on inauguration day 2017 -- [and on] another related subject, namely the ongoing Trump-Batman theme...It was from Aurora that the Batman psyop was first generated...Aurora was where the premier of "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" staged-gun psyop happened. In Roman mythology Aurora is goddess of the dawn. The message of that event was clear. It was to symbolize the 'dawn' of the new order... And so there it is - the Donald Trump - Batman connection: The 'Don' (dawn) of the '777' new order...is now...say they..." [see post]
The new order? Same as the old-old one - the 'oldest order' of them all - where 'chao' is always the 'ordo' of the day:

Authentic Jewish-Masonic membership certificate with team motto emblazoned across top

Chao's name just a 'coincidence'? Think?

Compare: Orlando A Psyop-Hoax? Names Give Away The Truth - Gay Innuendos And Word Plays 6-22-16 "Names names names. The self-tell is always hidden-in-plain-sight and more often than not it involves the 'name game'. Word-plays in particular on the names of characters is often how the game is played. As it turns out the Orlando Isis-Gay-Gun Grab production is steeped in word-play on the character's names, including in this instance homosexual-innuendos - apparently deemed by the script writers appropriate for a 'gay-production'..."

: Sandy Hook Names Tell The Story: Adam Lands, Dawn-Hath-Sprung In New Town 12-21-12 "Hidden messages in names? In any certain event, upon analysis of the names involved, certainly there could be no expectation of finding any hidden message pertaining to that event in those names. The idea is ridiculous of course. If there was discovered some sort of secret message being communicated though, this of course necessitates design and purpose in it... Is something being communicated with the names in the 12-14-12 Sandy Hook event? Let the reader decide..."

Rev. 18:4

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